Is Holy Paladin Fun Raiding?

85 Human Paladin
I am raiding right now as a holy priest, but my guild has plenty of priests.

Here's my question: are paladins fun to heal on? Historically they've not been fun (HL bots). And I've heard currently they aren't much fun because you just push out as much holy power as you can.
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90 Orc Shaman
HL spamming until your finger and HL key break has been long gone.

That aside, "fun" is a relative term. I found my Paladin very fun to play back in Firelands and very boring during DS's Holy Radiance Fest 2012. Currently they have a very peculiar playstyle, but I think every healer does. It is certainly quite diffrent from a Holy Priest as they have a bit more restricted AoE power but still got strong healing tools and cooldowns, and their Mastery is quite solid as well.

It is a big "YMMV" thing. I personally enjoy both Holy Priest and Paladins, but you wont know if you find it fun until you try it.
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94 Goblin Warlock
We're not HL bots anymore, but honestly I didn't have much fun with them in MSV. Didn't feel like I had very many options to try (but that was before EF shifted into popular)... so I only really had five regular heals (plus a mini-cooldown in my 90 talent), with four of them just being AoE/Single target variations of one another (DR/HL and WoG/LoD).. so it actually felt more like only three heals (plus the 90 talent), without much decision making even between the three either.

I started working on my shaman and priest again (and thinking of making a druid) since they all seemed to have more options.

But like above said, it's definitely a YMMV thing.
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100 Draenei Paladin
I'm with the above posters, except that the YMMV totally varies in the opposite direction for me.

The challenge with Holy Paladin is not having a lot of buttons, but rather managing your Holy Power resource and using your cooldowns efficiently. We still have the big single-target heals that made us fun to play pre-DS, and have retained some of the AoE firepower that made us strong raid healers in DS (although without the "ZOMG CLUMP ON EVERY FIGHT" raid design, it's definitely diluted).

It's not super challenging, but it's definitely more intriguing than the spec has ever been IMO. Expect to be put on tank healing duty a lot, although in a 10-man it's not so strict. In my 25's, I'm pretty much always on tank duty, and while that doesn't mean tunneling in on the tanks spamming one button (lolWrath) it does mean focusing primarily on them.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I hope you enjoy staring at tank health frames
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90 Draenei Paladin
12/21/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Leviathan
it's definitely a YMMV thing

Excuse me for being out of the loop but.... What does that mean? YMMV? Idk what it means.
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90 Human Priest
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary.

Paladins have never had a lot of buttons to press but instead required good technical skill - target selection, resource / cooldown management, positioning (in pvp) etc.

I really like the new beacon glyph; off-gcd swapping beacon all over the place is pretty effective but requires a lot of micromanaging.
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100 Draenei Paladin
12/23/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Amabella
I really like the new beacon glyph; off-gcd swapping beacon all over the place is pretty effective but requires a lot of micromanaging.

Yeah, this is a good point. Really good mechanic, and something I should take advantage of more often. I may just put Beacon on a key on my left hand and all my other targeted heals on my mouse (I use one of those fancy Naga mice with the 12 buttons on the side), so that it's easier to use them at the same time.
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100 Tauren Druid
I know one thing; I hate having a holy paladin in my group being the other healer.
I find it gives me very little to do; They'll destroy you on the meters and snipe all your heals unless you're deliberately trying to blow through mana to keep ahead of him.

Every time we rotate a HPally in we push through content much smoother/faster. EF = win.
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90 Tauren Paladin
I find healadins to be incredibly enjoyable, but it fits my playstyle, especially with the PvP set that complements it nicely.

I spend my fights actively seeking out ways to gain Holy Power, and the set bonus rewards me each time I do. It's like magical unicorn-made cookies! I get two, and bam! Instant, extremely powerful heal with bonus shield and HoT. As Amabella mentions, the Beacon glyph totally rocks. A no-mana Beacon swap off the Global Cooldown? Yes, please. In the space of 3 seconds, I can toss it out on anyone that takes damage, hit them with Divine Light, throw in an instant spell like Holy Shock or EF while I wait for the cooldown on Beacon to finish, then shimmy it back onto the tank.

Boundless Conviction and Holy Power banking adds a new dimension to our healing repertoire. Instead of HP being a boring resource that we expend like clockwork when we hit 3 points so as not to waste any gains, now, you basically get to have a permanent pocket heal with the option to store up healing energy for about 10-20 seconds in order to meet an upcoming massive blow attack head-on.

Playing a paladin is a lot like constantly saying, "Oh no you didn't!"

Tank health dropped too low? Lay on Hands.
Cat jumped on your keyboard? ...Lay on hands.
Raider needing a quick heal? Instant-cast Word of Glory/Eternal Flame.
Boss about to use a heavy attack? Hand of Sacrifice.
Teammate got aggro accidentally? Hand of Protection.
Melee teammate pulling mobs? Hand of Protection, and that'll teach him!
Can't get out of the way of a doom attack? Bubble.
Don't feel like getting out of the way of a doom attack? Bubble.

Stuns, snares, slows, DoTs, death circles, deaths... if it can happen, we have an instant-cast answer for it.

It's glorious.
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