[H] <Greenskinz> Recruitment Thread

90 Goblin Shaman
The most recent find by the Explorer’s League of Ironforge! Possibly a link to the past illustrating the savagery of early orc kind! Annuals of pages were found in a metal time capsule like object on a tiny abandoned flying island in Hellfire Peninsula. The pages were found half destroyed, burnt, cut, shredded and possibly chewed on. Blood speckles some of the pages. The hand writing appears to differ depending on the page; possibly leading you to believe more than one person was keeping a journal here. Some of the pages are actually written in blood instead of ink:

My blood is on fire. Feels likea smoldering bonfire under my skin. I thinks its cause we are running outa da demon blood - zerk. The stuff dat makes us strong, smart, an deadly. Itsa only stuff dat puts da burn out. We runnin outa demons ta kill, evena weakest gobbie can kill deez pitiful half demon dregs and drink dems blood – Bossman Kurgk said he got told by high eldars of Greenskinz ‘bouta some sorta gate to somewheres – dunno where to though. Dey finks we should sennda small warband an see if we can find more demons ta slay. Spanks thinks disa good idea too. Him hasa most kno-ladge bout dis sorta thing. Hima smart bugga. He tinks itsa portal to another place, likea door or somethin’. He says it hasn’t been opened in a long time and tinks ita open soon.

Been a weird time though. High Warboss Mana’roth so stupid. He had us tree guarda artifact, but it make us too smart and den he disappeared. We broke outa da legion and kept da zerker stuff for our own, don’t need no stinky demon tellin us how ta bash. We bash good wif out him. We only live ta kill now. Dat blood – make us wanna just kill – an’ not for survival, just fer fun, to show who da strongest ork.

I scouted dis portal fing las nite and its just two pillars with two shadow faces. Hada bee careful though, damn pinkskinz almost seended me. Looks like dey building some sorta post or somethin. Donno how or wherez we gonna go, I don’t seea gate or door anywhere.

Imma keepa journal, our warband sets out tomarra, an’ since imma smartest shaman wes got, imma crono-logic-al-ize our efforts cause dats what smart gobbies do. Da warbanders are as followz:

Sizzlack – Shaman-cleric. Da meanest an greenist gobbie-appointed-ork around
Spankalee – Brudder of Sizzlack an’ his accountant. Dis guy sets stuff on fire!
Kurgk – Bossman Kurgk, himsa quiet one – tells lesser demons wat to do. Puzzles Sizzlack
Various snottlingz for food an all around beat-up purposes. Can never hava’nuff snottlingz

Day 1 -

Oh boy! Spanks waddin’ lyin’ there iza door! But it looks likea da raw majiks dat Spanks normally plays wit. Kurgk tells me ta shut up goin’ through. Himma mean-head an’ just skared of the Sizzlack. Don’t blame him though.

When we got through da portal, dere were Orks! Liter skin though, an’ workin wit dem pinkskinz. We passed ourselvz off asa other team an’ got outa dere quikly. Dun wanna be around sum pansy orks workin wif pinkskinz. Stinky ol’ pinkskinz.


Day 45
Wez runnin outa snottlingz ta eat, nearly outa da zerk stuff. Killed more big ugly pinksinz – deez different though, these have two heads! But they so dumb – dumber than snottlingz. Da cave we livin’ in ain’t cuttin’ it. Kurgk tinks we should head nort’. Whatever dat is. Kurgk izza only ork here, so wez listen. Dis ornge desert ‘minds mea da little flyin’ rok in Hellfire we livd in – Sizz miss dat little rok.


Day 92
Skin burning again, feels like smoke comin’ outa my ears. Spanks is teachin’ me how ta count evry day. 92! A big numba he says. Himma smart one. Says ita keep my mind offa da zerk, but dat’s all I want! Today we found more of dem huge two headed pinkskinz – dey not as tasty as da snottlingz. Kurgk says himma eat me if I don’t shuts up. Him angry cause we still ina cave – but Sizzlack founda fortress! In da north of da orng desert. Huge pinkskinz liv dere, but we gonna go hit it tonite. Dere will be blood.

Tonite tonite! Sizzlacka zerk again tonite! Himma kill fiddy of dose ugly pinkskinz! Ima wear one of dem skullz inta battle tonite.

Day 95
Wez did it. Sizzlack killed SO MANY pinkskinz. Imma make a pinkskin rug. Mebe 3 of’em, haw! Da hold is ours. Sizz gonna paint over da ‘dreadmaul hold’ sign wit “GREENSKINZ HOLD” So dat dey know who beat’em good.

Now more ova per-na-meant place in dis new land. Need ta get werd back to da resta da clan onna tiny rok. Sizz hopes he gets ta go back.

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90 Goblin Shaman
<Greenskinz> currently level 6; is recruiting hordeside. As the name implies we are a race specific guild (Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs).

We are a PVP heavy guild with light-moderate roleplay. We also plan on some light raiding if we manage to get the playerbase as well. We have a bank with several tabs with light restrictions, tabard, ventrilo and other guild perks and benefits. Rated Battlegrounds and arenas will be a focus strictly for gear - the real fun will be World PVP and roleplaying.

Several ways to advance through the guild with questing and events from rank to rank. Each rank providing more benefits.

Not an orc, goblin, or troll? Want to be one? If you're willing to race change we will compensate you adequately ingame through items, gold, enchants and other things I can't think of right now. (trial time applies)

Current base of operations is Dreadmaul Hold.

We currently run open random battlegrounds in the effort to assist our fellow Horde in gearing. No Gear Requirement. Come and join us and see what all the fuss is about.

Contact any online member for an in-character interview.

<Greenskinz> - We put the laughter in slaughter.
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90 Gnome Rogue

You know, that blown up one.
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I was spectin' to waltz thru dat portal an be greeted by our own kind... but no-oooo! Dis Hellscream guy sure gotta weird sense a humor. Dose bags of bones in Loredaeron can't fight the maggots in their coffins, let alone the Alliance, and get a load of dose cows, grazin' in da pastures of Mulgore. Dis ain't Whimsyshire, its AZEROTH! We gotta make some changes round here, dat Hellscream is fixin' a tree ring circus in Orgrimmar. I knows what we'll do, yes, we'll make a poison, er, potion that'll turn skins green. Aha! Greenskinz Potion, er, poison. WHATEVER! Dat'll scare da wits out of da Alliance.
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100 Tauren Hunter
Dakini wakes from a restless slumber, has it been two days? What the hell has that little Goblin done to me this time? Dakini looks at Dimmi sleeping next to him and screams in horror.

Walking from the tent, the once tall Tauren grumbles "now to find that ankle biting, stutter muttering Greenskin."
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100 Tauren Druid
Deep in the distance, drums. Thundering troll rhythms getting closer...

Dimmi quickly realizes those drums are actually the pounding of her head. She barely opens her eyes in time to see a gangly, green Troll clumsily walking from the entrance of the tent. He looks familiar, but the pounding in her head brings nothing but pain and confusion.

She slowly rises and the first thing she sees is hideous green toes, then hands, arms --- "Earthmother, what is this? Cursed..."

Memories flood back quickly, in pieces. Suddenly, a voice she doesn't recognize but is clearly coming from her own throat, she screams.


((Greenskinz: worth the race change!))
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Babe? Write a note and post this on Dreadmaul Hold's front gate. Ahem...

"The rode is bumping this recruitment page to encourage any Clan-less greenskins to participate in the <Greenskinz> movement. Great people, good at fite and are some of the most social people you can think of in all of Veco. Let their enemies coward before them and all of that.

Dictated but not read, Rode the self proclaim master dragon killer
Typed by Babe"

*Stamps the Rode seal of approval*

((DIMMMMIIIII! You aren't a cow no more? But but... i need my milk!))
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90 Goblin Shaman
“W-w-wuh-World Domination!” the clinky little goblin shouted holding up a mechanized mug of frothy green beer, spilling a little on the floor of the alley way. The odor bitter sweet wafted by the mug-mounted auxiliary fan –a personal addition by Sizzlack. “Wuh-we can’t beatem, soz wuh-Wez turn’em. Dat’s d-duh plan.”

“Puh-Pure Genius, brudder – yuh-usin’ dat green barreled we stolded fruh-from dem deadheads” he ribbed the slightly larger, robed goblin. “Whatchu add any wuh-way?” said Sizzlack, slightly sniffing the brew.

“Stuff.” Spankalee retorted, almost annoyed. “Sprinkle a little ‘splosions, powdered swords, napalm frostin’, some stratholme holy wata, anna dasha nogginfogga. Ya know, real stuff Greenskinz made outa.” He paused for a moment and continued matter of factly; “Been workin’ onna recipe fer months. Its what ya do when ya smat”

“Napalm fruh-frostin’? Je-je-just like mom usta make, till she got blowed up!” moped Sizzlack. “But we n-nuh-needa test subject, make sure it wuh-workz.”

“Course it works. Wez prove it doh. ‘ere comes dem two cowz. Hey Cowz! Lets go fora drink! You buyin’!” waved Spankalee
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90 Goblin Shaman
Bump and Guild UPDATE - level 10 and rising!
Edited by Sizzlack on 1/2/2013 9:39 AM PST
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90 Goblin Shaman
Are you Mean? Are you Green? Join <Greenskinz> Fite da Masheen!
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90 Goblin Shaman
<Greenskinz> is recruitin' greenskinz ta do greenskin type thingz.
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100 Tauren Druid
Please, come join us. That creepy eyeball on top of Sizzle's head is starting to freak me out.
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90 Undead Mage
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90 Orc Warlock
01/06/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Starien
Also bump for my wife not making me wear a dress today

*clears throat* your still wearing stockings under those pants
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Need moar greenskinz!

I like your fite.
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90 Orc Warrior
O may be willing to reroll a rogue or somethin to enlist hehe sounds fun enough.
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54 Blood Elf Mage
01/06/2013 02:20 PMPosted by Kurgk
Also bump for my wife not making me wear a dress today

*clears throat* your still wearing stockings under those pants

Ahh...I see you have read the 18 point marital contract I made him sign. Yes, fishnet stockings are one of the many black lacy under garments I require he wear while dusting and making my sandwiches.

Also. I would join your guild on Fixy if you accepted my pet blood elf. He is house trained and can pvp on command. Just a thought guys.
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100 Orc Shaman
^ bump ^ becuz green skin.. is best skin :D
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