Active Mana Regen.

90 Draenei Shaman
I think that the problem with a very active mana regen system (at least in terms of a system where you are trading GCDs/casting time for regen) is that it creates scaling issues with the difficulty of content. On normal modes and other easy/farm content, you can afford a large chunk of your casting time/GCDs to play around with mechanics like PW:Solace, Telluric Currents, etc. However, as you move into difficult progression heroics, the amount of time that you have to actually those type of mechanics drops significantly. The problem with that is, you still need to be able to heal those encounters, and you still need to have enough regen to be able to do that. That kind of prevents them from completely removing static regen, or from tying active regen to an excessive portion of healer regen.

Basically, either they make active regen such a necessary part of healing that you can not sustain your throughput without it or they make it completely optional. If they make it mandatory, you then probably would be forced to run with a lot more healers on progression heroic content than you would on normal modes. People won't want a system where a normal mode requires 5 healers and a heroic requires 10. The other alternative is to make every healer sustainable without a significant contribution from active regen. . In that case, you'll have enough passive regen to make do on heroic modes, but will also have so much available in easy content that you won't need to bother with/care about active regen.

I just don't see there being an easy solution. The Cata Telluric Currents and pre-4.3 Judgement/Seal of Insight model created huge balancing problems. That's probably why they are moving away from that.
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You make good points Tiberria. I knew there were some flaws in the system and your points have helped me put things more in perspective. Being forced to bring that many healers for heroic content would suck, wonder if healing rotations would make a comeback. Like two healing and one using their regen spell at all times.

But yeah, from a balancing point, it does look like it wouldn't be easy, which makes me sad.
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100 Night Elf Druid
12/31/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Tiberria
Basically, either they make active regen such a necessary part of healing that you can not sustain your throughput without it or they make it completely optional.

Or they would tune it so that your mana-neutral/positive playstyle would have enough throughput outside of designated burn phases. Heavy reliance on mana-costing spells would be reserved for burst healing.
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100 Human Monk
Honestly, they need to switch to an active regen system.

Design mana pools such that you will go through multiple full mana pools throughout fights. Make high HPS spells and big heals cost significantly more. Make efficient heals be mana neutral or no cost but also heal for minor to moderate amounts. Design encounters such that healing challenges your ability to manage your mana pool throughout a fight in order to deal with large bursts of damage.

The problem with the current design is that encounters are designed in such a way that increasing the length of the fight also increases the amount of mana returned to healers. If you cut out that idea and break the fights down such that you are expected to be at full mana at various points in the fight, you can effectively reset your healing.

Link spirit to the amount returned from the active regen systems to keep spirit useful
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