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Hey guys, I am a raid leader for a 10m semi-hardcore group. Our healing core is a resto shaman, holy pally, and a resto druid. Recently added the resto druid to replace our disc priest. I heal on my resto shaman. I have noticed what I believe are some problems with our holy pally and I was hoping to get some feedback.

What I feel is the main problem is that our pally is using light of dawn almost everytime he can. Specific example of a fight we have killed before with our disc priest, spent wiping on last night was heroic blade lord. From the compare parses I have run and the research I have done it seems to me that spending almost all of the holy power on Eternal Flame is best for this fight. Other pallys seem to be getting 15-20 heals per min with this where ours is getting 8. Talking a difference in 6mil healing over the duration of the fight compared to 2.5mil.

Also I have noticed our pally spamming Light of Dawn ALOT! Seems to me that most paladins aren't using this near as much if at all. Was this more of a cata thing or for a fight where there is constant aoe pressure on 5+ ppl?

Arcing Light is another thing that I have noticed in comparison that other pallys seem to be getting a lot from. Should he be using this on cooldown?

Holy Radience heals per minute are less than half of what the pallys I have compared to. I don't play a paladin, but what I would be doing on this fight, especially with our group is Eternal Flaming the tanks as well as the wind stepped person on this fight as often as possible. Arcing Light where the group stacks for unseen strikes, and spamming holy radience after the unseen strike to heal everyone up. I have noticed that other pallys seem to be getting much more Illuminated healing out of healing this way than from spamming light of dawn on cooldown.

On every fight we do, literally every fight we do light of dawn is his number 2 heal. Some fights I'm only seeing 1-3 Divine Light the entire fight, and we 2 heal a lot of the fights. It's causing me to have to over compensate with my single target healing. Anyone have any insight for me?
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I've only done this fight once, but I'll give some tips from general experience.

There are some fights in MOP where Light of Dawn is an excellent choice like where the raid is taking AOE damage. However, except for P2 and P1 when unseen strike occurs, Blade Lord Tayak is not the place for it. Even more so in 10 man where the ticking dot is only placed on one person. My LoD hits for around 22K/person so even if he's trying to heal his beacon target, assuming he hits 6 people he'll be healing around 35-40K to his beacon. Eternal flame beats that out by a lot.

Yes he should be using arcing light pretty much on cooldown because it's cooldown is in sync with unseen strike. He can pop it down before it goes off to generate small absorbance shields. He can also use Light of Dawn here if he wants to put the absorb shield on the raid before the unseen strike happens.

He is not using Holy Radiance correctly if he is hitting < than 3 people. Its neither mana efficient nor time efficient and this might be why his healing is low with it. The range on HR is very small (10 yards) so basically best used on melee. Ranged is difficult as people need to spread out 8 yards minimum and most are spread farther than that. The low count on divine light is not necessarily a problem, some people use holy light for its mana efficiency.

For this fight, I tried to switch my beacon targets around to the target with the dot so all my EF ticks go to that person. EF should be refreshed on your main tanks and the person with the dot first. It's not theoretically ideal to refresh the EF tick before it ends but most of the time it's unavoidable if you need that quick heal.

Do you have any of his logs or an armory link? That might be a better way of seeing how he's doing.
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Spell usage will vary from fight to fight, as was implied by Monika above. Healing is very situational, and also somewhat flexible according to personal tastes. but in general, fights that have constant ticking damage on the raid are very good for eternal flame, as both the hot and the corresponding mastery bubble have less of a chance of going to waste. Fights with high burst healing requirements, like blade lord, tend to favor LoD, although the windstep targets do make good EF candidates.

I agree, logs would be helpful. Also note that if you are looking at kill logs, the numbers will probably be different (and higher) then yours, because of the last phase which is straight aoe spam. This is also when arching light tends to shine, so if you haven't gotten to that point yet your pally will have different spell distribution.

In summary, imo LoD is appropriate to use for healing up unseen strike. Make sure to use Hand of Protection on the windstep target right before an unseen strike, or else the spike damage+the dot can cause death. Don't bother HoP'ing off the non-unseen strike windstep...just heal through it. Clemancy really shines on this fight.
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