Possible to solo Dragon Soul warrior ?

90 Human Warrior
Since no one wants to do this raid with me for transmogs, i was wondering if it possible to solo this as a warrior? i tried doing it but i got killed instsntly at first boss.

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90 Troll Mage
I do not believe all the bosses are able to be solo'd if any of them at the time being, but Morchok for example he is probably killing you with stomp.

This ability hits for 750k in 10m but with the 35% nerf hit for around 500k.

But because you are the only one there then you are going to be considered the tank for the fight and get hit by a double share of the damage so that is putting it at a 1 mil damage hit. And the stop hits like every 10-15 seconds so you can't really avoid the damage enough times to kill him.

He has about 25 mil health I think after the nerfs which probably is not possible to do and survive the stomps long enough.

zon'ozz may be impossible to solo, im not entirely sure but you would have to kite the boss around the orb and gain stacks on it or let it hit the boss and hope that you can heal through all the damage he puts out.

Yor'sahj should be easy if you can survive through all 3 oozes hitting the boss, which I can't imagine that being too difficult

Hagara is impossible if you dont kill her before the first phase transition if it turns into the lightning phase. If its the ice phase then you may be able to, unless of course she freezes you which ould cause you to wipe.

Ultraxion is impossible unless you can kill him in about 50 seconds time as he will instantly kill you then

Gunship is probably impossible as you can't kill the drakes fast enough as a melee to make it so the ship doesnt die and you wouldn't be able to bring down goriona so the boss would just keep healing.

Spine I believe is near impossible if not completely impossible as he will continously try to roll if you are the only one on him.

Madness actually may be soloable but the overall damage he does will probably kill you if you are by yourself.
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90 Orc Death Knight
I scanned the title and my eyes saw Dragon Warrior.

/queue nostalgia...

To answer the question, Mionelol I think has solo'ed madness.
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90 Troll Hunter
I soloed the first 3 as a hunter. I imagine the they are soloable as a warrior as well. Beyond that you'll run into mechanics that currently require multiple people to manage.

On Morchok, stomp will absolutely kill you if you get hit by it. But fortunately its a timed ability with a cast time. Outrange it and take no damage. The crystals are pretty inconsequential. The only other thing you'll need to worry about is the crush armor debuff. It will reset during every black blood of the earth, but you'll still have to survive that far. My pet managed it, but it did get pretty rough at 5 stacks +.

Yorsahj I killed black or yellow only. The rest don't even matter. Easy fight.

For zon'ozz, I didn't bother trying to gain multiple bounces, just ended up hitting it once and then letting the boss take it.

Hagara needed at least 3 bodies to manage the lightning pillars. Ultraxion simply hits too hard against a solo player. I haven't bothered trying the rest.
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