Hi guys,

Our guild bank needs gold so we've decided to start selling runs again. We had a lot of success with this last year in 4.3 and would like to offer the service again. Please contact/mail me in game on Export or Portex if you're interested. We can sell everything from using a coin on a single normal or heroic boss all the way up to a full heroic Mogu'shan clear with the Delver of the Vaults title and Cutting Edge achievements.

Remember that we are selling the time and effort of 9 people; we are not selling specific pieces of loot that may or may not drop (although we can make arrangements IF there's a piece of loot that you want AND it drops). If you want to buy a service, there will be a charge ahead of time no matter what.

Contact me to work out specific prices. If you just want to use your own coin on a single boss, we'd start somewhere around 20-30k depending on the boss. A full heroic mogu clear would be somewhere around 200k. The Delver title by itself would be around 125k. Everything else is in between.

We are also selling a ton of blood spirits and a variety of patterns. I believe we have almost every 496 pattern learned at this point, so if you want to buy a completed item (whether or not you have mats yourself) we can make arrangements for that as well.

We'll be raiding tomorrow and Thursday (19th-20th) and then we'll be taking a break for the holidays until the 2nd.

Edited by Export on 12/18/2012 11:15 PM PST