Newly formed guild <MIA> is looking for classes and levels of all kinds. We are a friend based guild, veteran players with plenty of experience looking to start fresh in Mist of Pandaria.

We are only level 8, we have 5 bank tabs and a mumble server with a website on the way when we get enough users in our guild and plenty of traffic within our mumble server and users on each day.

We are looking for our main raid team. Currently we have a main tank, main healer and only two DPS so we would need to fill the spots of off-tank, healer and four more DPS spots. Once we get those figured out we will be making a schedule of when we will be raiding, what times, days, is good for everyone in our raiding team.

We are also looking for a leader position for Rated BG's, or our PvP division in general. Some of us would like to get into PvP once we get the gear and once we get someone in the guild who has that sort of experience.

I'm usually on everyday after 12 o'clock Eastern Time, which is the time zone that all of our members are currently in at this moment. All are welcomed just message me in game.