Hello, people of Elune: this is Omalli Khan.

Our guild Syndìcate, has lost some core players at the start of this expansion, and would like to open up to recruit to grow our numbers back! Now, what does our guild compose of?

Stretchy Pants
When you put pants on like Jeggings, or yoga pants, or any pants of that type, they form to fit around you. Just like those pants, <Syndìcate> is sort of made to fit around you. Our main goal is PvP, and you'll see that most of our momentum is towards achieving our PvP goals. These include Wargames, RBGs, Arena, and in the World PvP; not just at level 90. Apart from our PvP goals, we do several unique guild events like our renown "Fantastic Race" which was a World of Warcraft spin on the TV show: The Amazing Race. Even more so, we work to help players level, and accomplish their own goals. As a last note: we are trying to expand our guild to start taking on the PvE side, so that we can attain those PvPers that can't seem to draw themselves away from PvE.

Be at Your Rank
<Syndìcate>s ranking system is somewhat different from other guilds. We do not run on a ladder, where either time in the guild or player skill climbs you up the ranks. We do paths, each meaning something different, and you get to choose your own. Whether you're dedicated to PvP, or casual, and we just added paths for PvE dedicated and casual. To learn more about our ranks, see: http://syndicate-elune.wowstead.com/news/370856-updates-to-come-for-blackwater-inc

PvP That Has Already Started
So far this season, I have lead an Elune/Cross-realm group to 17 wins and 8 losses. This has credited me a 1645 rating. We would like to stop pugging, though, and make it so that our group is all from our guild! We are recruiting all classes for now, but we are in special need of a Mistweaver, a Balance Druid, and a dedicated Flag Carrier. When running RBGs, we strive on good communication, and good target calling. The 8 losses you see above are when one of those two were missing. The only real requirement we have to keep our RBGs running smoothly is that you have your Malevolent weapon. This requirement may become greater as our rating soars!

Stay Tuned
For those of you on Elune, watch out. <Syndìcate> should start running weekly runs to Orgrimmar, along with some other events we may need public participation in.

Some Last Notes
At this time, we are working on many things. Like a Guild Shop, where you can spend Guild Tokens you earn from winning events on some cool prizes!
If you would like to find out more about us, look us up Twitter, Facebook, our not-so-up-kept website: http://syndicate-elune.wowstead.com/, on Battle.net: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/elune/Synd%C3%ACcate/ , or even in-game.
For those who would like to view my Armory, feel free, but keep in mind the RBG wins are incorrect and inappropriate.

If you're not with us, you're missing out!