This post is mostly directed towards the GMs or raid leaders of alliance guilds. So if you think your guild may fit what I am looking for pass it along to your guild officers.

I am sure most of you have seen myself or other people in Apeiron recruiting over the past month or two or looking for people to fill raids. I have also noticed many of you doing the same thing, and I was wondering if there was a mutually beneficial way to solve our issues.

I currently have about 7-8 raid ready raiders (think im losing my tank to a new work schedule). So that leaves us with 3 healers and 4-5 DPS. So to the point, I am looking for raiders. I am looking for raiders from the new smaller guilds trying to get started who may be impatient to wait out that process of leveling a guild and trying to get raids going. Perhaps combining our forces may allow both of us to get raiders into the instance to get some gear.

I am also looking for raiders who may be in the bigger established guilds who may just have :gasp: more raiders than they have need for. There are always people who want to raid, but there just isnt room in the 25 man, or the second 10 man team is short on get the idea.

At this point I am not even saying that you would have to leave your current guilds, but I am looking for committed bodies that want to raid. My guild recruitment post is below this one with the specifics, but I think you get the idea.

Send mail or pst Ximchi in game if you think this is something that may be amenable to your guilds situation, or your personal interest in raiding.

Random fact about me- Been co-lead/guild master of Blood for Blood or Apeiron and raid leading since wrath of the lich king.