Windwalker Healing Problem?


90 Human Monk
This is coming from a pvp perspective.

I would like to know why a Windwalker's healing takes their entire energy bar (healing sphere) to do an insignificant amount of healing, thereby taking nearly all the windwalkers dps, with no energy you generate no chi.

Ret Paladins, Enh Shamans, Balance Druids, Shadow Priests all do not have to lose 80% of their DPS in order to self heal like a Windwalker.

In addition, why is the Windwalkers most powerful and combat usable heal a talent instead of a baseline skill?

Again Ret Paladins, Enh Shamans, Balance Druids, Shadow Priests all heal mainly through a non-talent baseline ability/skill. Meanwhile the Monk is forced into chi-wave with no variation for effective healing.

It seems to me like Windwalkers should have Surging Mist, like ret paladins have flash of light, shadow preists have flash heal, balance druids have healing touch, enh shamans have healing surge.

I do not see why Windwalkers need to get the shaft, especially once chi-wave is moved to 15 sec cd instead of 8 sec cd in 5.2.
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You've left out Expel Harm.
90 Human Monk
A couple things:

1) One benefit to healing sphere, though, is that we can use it indefinitely. If we get away from an enemy, or are LoSing, we can pretty much use it forever. Other hybrids would oom.

2) Paladins give up their secondary resource to heal, instead of DPS. Likewise, Shaman lose their maelstrom procs. Balance druids need to stop and cast. In all of these situations, there is a DPS loss (And in the druids' case, they become quite vulnerable).

3) Surging mist wouldn't really help that much, though. Firstly, we'd have to stop and cast. Additionally, it'd probably cost about as much energy as a healing sphere anyway - So why not just propose a buff to healing sphere (Though I think it's fine).

4) Chi wave is getting a buff, not a nerf. We no longer have to have / spend Chi to use it, so it isn't a DPS loss. In fact, it is free DPS. Additionally, it'll heal for twice as much, with less than double the cooldown: A healing buff as well. No, we can't use it as frequently, but it has received a QOL buff and will be much more potent when used.

Monk self healing isn't all that bad, and next patch, it'll be better.
90 Pandaren Monk
With this new patch the Monk has no way of healing them self's in battle. What you did replays it with makes it not worth playing. The healing sphere was deleted from the Monks abilities and all we have is Master Healing Potions. In combat, raids and dungeons you can only us one's potion per combat making the Monk die and lose the chants to get more powerful weapons, and waist resources.

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Elderwolf check the dates this is from 2013........ over a year old
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