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86 Dwarf Paladin
Hi i was looking at starting to play a healer again

I have put it off so far during this expansion as with all the questing and stuff i have been doing its not so healer friendly . I could always just manage a dps off spec but to be honest i usually just like sticking to one spec and playing it through thick and thin.

So i was wondering what healing spec has the best soloing ability i have this paladin , an 86 priest ,2x 85 shaman , 60 monk and a 90 druid but i wont be going resto on that so just out of priest , shaman , paladin , monk

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I may not have much knowledge of other classes outside of priest or shaman, but priests are actually pretty strong at solo atm.
Holy has a +50% damage to holy+shadow chakra.
Disc has penance (which hits quite hard) and insane self sustain, you can kill mobs and never need to watch your health.

Resto shamans just feel weak to solo stuff with last I tried with mine.

But remember, with druids, priests and shamans, you can turn around and use your healing gear for the ranged magic DPS off-spec you have and still do pretty well with it.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Priests, without a doubt. And as an added bonus, you can use your gear for all three specs so if you ever try shadow and like it, you only need to reforge down your spirit to the hit cap.

Holy single target dps is really really strong atm, with the right gear, it can surpass shadow (pure haste and crit with no spirit).

Disc pulls less dps than holy or shadow, but while soloing, half of your damage done will heal you (outside of shadow word pain). Coupled with shields and renew, you can practically never die.

A good second choice would be paladin because with the right glyphs you can solo lots of content as holy. It won't be as brick-wall-ish as a tank, or as fast as a dps, but it's workable.

Monks are not good for soloing. With the new mana cost changes, you can oom easily, and their dps is only really considered good if you compare it to a shaman.

The absolute WORST healer to try to solo as is shaman. They hit for absolutely nothing, so anything and everything will take forever to kill. It's doable, but only if you want to spend 3x the time killing every mob.

For questing: Priest(H)>Priest(D)>Paladin>Monk>Shaman

P.S: For healing raids the order of strength/utility/mana longevity the order is a bit different.

YMMV but that's just how they rank in a vacuum. (although the last three can be argued)

Also, if ya dont like a spec, don't play it.
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86 Dwarf Paladin
Thanks for the replies i think i will mess around on my priest and paladin and just go with the one i find most enjoyable to play
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