Merry Christmas to my Guildies TnT

90 Goblin Shaman
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the guild. Not a tauren was stirring, except in a nakked perly shell.
All the tabards were hung down in Orgrimmar with care, awaiting the visitors that now never go there.

All the Drunkards were drinking, as any good raider does.
All the Lushes were partying and getting a good buzz.
There alts in their beds with dreams of stardom in their heads.
While the Servants of Sue planned shinanigans instead.

When out in the Vale, there arose such a clatter,
That woke all the guildies wondering "What the !@#$ is the matter?"
Then out in the fountain of two moons hotel,
they saw a strange soggy goblin crying "WHAT THE HELL?"

Wanting to return to their beds warm a cozy,
but NO! there was Suetma with her cheeks strangely rosie.
Not once did she end her ranting right there but instead kept on going, I couldn't help but stare.

"Why you miserable damned reindeer, how DARE you take off?
I got all these damned bottles of Ambrosia to mail off??
And NO I wont pay you to haul all this stuff,
get your %^- over here or its ANTLERS I'll Auction Off!!"

There was Bloodmusic just staring and suppressing a grin, hoping to hell that Sue wouldn't need him to save her and dive in.
And of course there was Kneebraus all flailing about, I'm unable to determine if it was to drown her or help out.

Out came Evillive and Lilly with little Angel in tow, who tossed dish soap at Suetma to make bubbles she could stow.
And then I saw Ral and I thought sure as *!@#, HE was going to save her and laugh just a bit.

He looked in his pockets, his backpack and coat and I wondered at just what he needed to keep her afloat.
Out came a camera, and a grin on his face,
then he shrugged and sat down to take pics for pete's sake!

"Oh I'll get you!" She screeched "if you don't help me out. There WILL BE NO PURPLES, of that have no doubt!"
So with a roll of their eyes and a nod of their heads, they tossed her a dingy and all went back to bed.

So all through the night you could hear her out there, splashing this way and that way while she sang to the air.
"HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you think this is over wait till RAID TIME GETS HERE!"
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