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90 Pandaren Warrior
02/23/2013 09:32 AMPosted by Kj
Sorry to see you guys go. Kilda, Brunnor, all the rest, you'll be missed.

I'm keeping some chars around here, so you can't get rid of me that easily.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
And so it ends, the great !@#$storm of our time, it's like dreadnought all over again, Alliance-Horde Ratio 5:1 anyone?
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90 Human Mage
Careful now, if this eulogy goes on much longer there won't be any sympathies left when Summerdead finally keel over.

It should be no surprise that Greymane is blue again. Started that way, remained that way, and is gonna end that way. Here is a little spoiler for you horde folks at the end of this expansion...YOU DIE!!! LOL

Maybe there is some old washed up magic left in Phoenix or Crimson for some horde still looking to do more then running around the panda city watching cows scratch their !@#.

With that I bring a close to this funeral.
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100 Undead Rogue
I never thought TA would close up shop. :\ It's been 8 years, and that's a long time for any game to still be going, let alone a guild, but somehow it just seemed TA would always be there until WoW shut down the servers.

Incredibly sad to hear this. I didn't raid in TA for too long, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you guys. I hope somehow you end up returning with a strong roster again, and this ends up just a bump in the road.

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90 Undead Priest
Not this time, Oats, but thank you. I'll still see you around sometimes :)
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90 Human Paladin
The time I spent in this guild was easily the best gaming experience I have ever had.
I remember being in a leveling guild in vanilla and everyone talked about TA. They were like super heroes for the horde back in the day. Good luck to you all, and sorry for the necro. Its difficult to hear news about the horde when you're ally >.<
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90 Human Warlock
Dreadnaught > Plan B > Select > TA
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90 Undead Priest
Thanks for that, Ilea. G'luck to you too!
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80 Tauren Shaman
I never really knew any of you TA members but I've been on Greymane long enough to remember when you guys surfaced and made a name for yourselves dating way back to the Vanilla days. I know this thread is kind of old but you all deserve it. Just maintaining a guild is definitely a chore itself but the fact you have held strong for nearly a decade shows how much dedication you all really have. I am definitely impressed.

Congratulations on all the accomplishments. You all take care.
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80 Human Rogue
Holy !@#$. I know I am late to the party (and would hate to bump this thread), but this news sucks for greymane!

Not sure if I missed it, but is that it for raiding or are you guys going somewhere else (Kilda / Brunnor)?
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90 Tauren Warrior
Same here, just kinda making a return and all my former guilds(TA, Divide, Plan B) have transferred / broken up. Sad times in the realm of WoW.
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90 Undead Priest
Lyshanu-- although I'm late in response, I really appreciate what you said. Thank you, truly.

Hi Fiber-- I'm raiding an ele shammy casually with Alpha (the same one that once merged with Crimson) on Whisperwind & Brunnor is Exiled Legion on horde Zul'jin. Most everyone else has scattered or stopped. Am particularly proud of Sleight though, now in Blood Legion.

Hi to Rylde too! Yeah, we called it in February. Recruiting became quite difficult for hordeside Greymane, not enough people wanted to xfer & 10s just wasn't an option. Frankly, I was bone tired after nearly 8 years.

Plan B was done after Twins in Sunwell & Divide made a good decision to xfer to Zul'jin, I think after Wrath. They seem to be doing well & Brunnor's new guild seems to be competing with them there.

It is a bit sad times, but playing casually is a happy thing. At least for me! No more hassles :)
Edited by Kilda on 11/29/2013 11:33 AM PST
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90 Orc Warrior
Greymane with TA and divide was some of the best times and memorys in wow for me. Glad to see that people are still doing well in the game even if its elsewhere. Sad too see that TA is done though.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
What the fudge!? This is some sadness news D: I miss all of my old TA family and hope you are all well off wherever you dispersed to (lol disperse...) <3 Kilda, get online more often! Teh Shang is back! lol
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100 Human Priest
Huge trap ^
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