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I moved to Darkspear to play with rl friends, but honestly, I hate queue times to play, so I'm considering moving to Bloodscalp. Not sure if I'll stay alli, but I'm wondering what side has more PvP guilds and such, and if the move is worth it in the long run, I've seen a few posts about moving, but most of them are old. Thanks Bloodscalp.
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Bloodscalp is a horde dominated server. If you transfer as alliance you'll probably be in for shock at how dead it is alliance side since you're coming from an alliance heavy server.

I think there are 2 or 3 pvp guilds on horde side, not sure about alliance pvp guilds. World pvp mostly happens at Half Hill and the Dom point/lion's landing dalies. Occasionally Golden Lotus daily area. As for old content, it's all cross realm so there is lots of dueling outside Org/SW, lol.

If you don't mind a semi-dead server then go ahead and transfer. Personally I wouldn't transfer to bloodscalp since I don't think it has much to offer for either side. Most of the original members/guilds of bloodscalp have transferred to other servers.

Hopefully someone on alliance side can give you more details on how it is on their side.
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If you are still following this post. . . do not, let me repeat, do not go to bloodscalp as ally. I am looking at taking my toons off the server. I logged on last week while doing homework to check how busy trade chat was. . . and there was nothing for 45 minutes.
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Yeah, the Alliance side is pretty dead.

Senjin is busier.
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