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Hello folks of Shadow Council.

So I'm thinking of start anew here, and I'm curious how rp is doing on this server? Where are the roleplay hot spots? Is there much reception for roleplay out and about the world? Well I guess that one I'd have to see... I noticed ya'll have a community site but it's forums seemed to be rarely used?

I'll be rolling Alliance, and as such, I was wondering how is the pve going ally side? Is there by chance a guild that partakes in raiding and also roleplay?
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RP Alliance side is pretty guild based. There are a few open social events though; on Tuesday evenings in the little library across from the Stockades we have "The Inkwell", a book and coffeeshop style RP get together, run by Brynnhilde. On Thursdays, in Ironforge's Hall of Explorers, we have "Tales of Azeroth", a lore-lecture event run by the Meddlers. Fridays, "Wendy's" is an open-air bar at the well in the Mage District. All of these start at 7pm server (mountain) time.

A bunch of us hang out at times in the Brawler's Guild, and haven't been bothered at all for Rping, due to it being so immersive down there, I think.

The Meddlers RP and raid, but neither are their sole focus, and raiding tends to be pretty laid back, casual, normal modes only. The Silver Dragoons are RP/social only, and so raid with the Meddlers. Many of our other RP-raid guilds that I knew of have scaled back or folded lately. Others may exist, but don't run in the same circles I do! I know there are some guilds who are at least RP-friendly. is helpful for meeting other RPers on Shadow Council, but our Hordeside is far more prolific in writing and posting there lately. They also tend to congregate mostly in Silvermoon (though there is a new event in Undercity, but it conflicts with my guild's IC meetings on Wednesday evenings!), as the no-flight makes walk-up RP easier, as well as that city having many RP amenities missing in other Horde capitols.

/join Haven on either Alliance or Horde sides to chat with some of the RPers; some use the website, some don't, but it lets folks meet up and chat and maybe arrange RP or open spots in pugs.

Good luck!
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What don't you like about Ravenholdt RP? I'm curious.

Um. Hi, Shadow Council. How's it going?
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