Take a night to relax from your strife and worries! Relax among friends and allies in front of the fire and hear tales of adventure, drama, and humor! Or tell one of your own! Whether a real life encounter that will make those in the Circle reconsider what they thought they knew, or a complete flight of fancy, all tales… tall or otherwise… are welcome here!

Come one, come all to the Beggar’s Haunt just outside of Darkshire on Monday, December 31st at 7pm.

Event: Bardic Circle
What it is: 2 hours of storytelling and friendship
Date: Monday, December 31st
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Beggar’s Haunt near Darkshire. From Darkshire head toward Deadwind Pass. Before entering the pass you will see a ruined tower, head off the road and along the trail past the tower where you will find a small tomb near a small creek. That’s it!

Hope to see you there!

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