[H] New Reroll Guild! Weekend Morning Raids!

90 Orc Death Knight
Argent Dawn, RP-PvE Horde
Freshly launched on 12/29/2012!

Currently recruiting all players interested in a fresh start with a new main and a group of helpful, friendly folks who love to laugh! Also recruiting for our first raid team! We need....

2 HEALERS We find ourselves in dire need of healers! Priest recruitment is closed, but any other healing class is encouraged to apply!

Our Focus
Our focus as a guild is on each other. While we intend to raid on a casual schedule, as well as rated PvP (and potentially organized RP if there's enough interest!) our ultimate focus is the friendships, camaraderie and laughs that we get simply from enjoying being together. If you wish to pursue server first hard modes, or become a member of a 2200 Arena team, we may not be the home you're looking for. However, if you'd like to dabble in the end game with a group who aren't above giggling at toilet humor, who understand when real life trumps WoW, and who shrug off wipes with friendly optimism instead of negativity and hate, we might be the home you're looking for!

During the rerolll process, we will have a weekly meeting on Saturday morning (10AM EST) where weekly contests will be announced, prizes will be distributed, the next week's level goal will be announced, and afterwards, we'll group up for some gold old fashioned premade battlegrounds and dungeons! Upon progressing as a guild to the level cap, we plan to begin raiding casually with our first raid team (9AM-12PM EST Saturday and Sunday) as well as starting a RBG PvP team (days and times to be decided) We also encourage our membership to be vocal about the types and schedules of events they would like to see! Want a second raid team running late night week days? Want a weekly RP event on fridays? Talk to us! Even if we don't have the time/resources to run it, chances are we'll support you if you want to head it up!

Apply Today!
If this sounds like something up your alley, by all means visit our website and fill out a short application today! Please excuse the fresh paint, the site as a whole and the documents contained therein are all works in progress! For quick reference, you can find these handy documents here:

Guild Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316613
Raid Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316936
Reroll FAQ: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316955

Also, if you need more information please don't hesitate to contact me in game! My battletag is Normak#1462 Hope to hear from you shortly, and create a new beginning for all of us together!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Wish you the best of luck with recruiting. It is good to see .
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90 Orc Death Knight
Edited for current needs, grab your spot before they're gone!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello Argent Dawn! We're now a month in and have a small solid core of dedicated folks! We still have a few raid spots open (post updated to reflect current needs as of 1/29/13) and we're always in the market for folks who are interested in our fun, close-knit, laid back atmosphere, regardless of their interest in slaying internet dragons! If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me directly or simply /who Rise and ask to speak to an officer! Hope to hear from you soon!
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90 Orc Death Knight
Hello again Argent Dawn! We've been here a month and a half and our reroll is almost complete, most of our core members will be hitting 90 this week! We are looking to start raids within 2 weeks or so, and we find ourselves in desperate need of a few good healers, so if you're interested in a core raid spot with a friendly group that runs on a non-traditional schedule, please apply! Also, we always look forward to applicants who couldn't give two figs about raiding, but just want to hang out with us and do their thing! Thanks for being a great new server home for our group AD!
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Hows your roster looking?

-Old raider coming back to MoP
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90 Orc Death Knight
Hey there Daivik! Well, the good news is that we do have a couple of openings, but the bad news is that our raid openings are strictly melee DPS currently! That being said, they aren't *urgent* (we have enough raiders to fill the raid without pugging assuming everyone shows) and we'll always be more concerned with who we fill spots with than how quickly we fill them, so if you think we're a good fit go ahead and apply and we'll talk about it!
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90 Pandaren Monk
Just to note - the title is a bit off. We're not "new" anymore and we're reasonably established on AD in terms of enough to folks to fill a raid with some help from our friends in Bloodmoon Chosen.
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Will be a little bit, but soon as I am raid viable ill look you guys up, your schedule is awesome so if I get the chance ill be taking it ;)
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