Fresh 90 rogue looking for weekend raiding;

90 Night Elf Rogue
Howdy folks, I'm looking for a weekend raiding group for this lil' alt o' mine. She is a very fresh 90, but I don't expect to leave her sitting idle for long.

About me:

I've been playing wow for 8 years now, first year on my rogue, the next few on my pally, and wotlk onward on my DK. I have raided seriously since wotlk, which is when I first started having time.

In tier 7 I cleared all content minus sarth 3D and 6 minute maly, I am a tank so I could only do so much to bolster my group's dps.

In tier 8 I cleared all content including server first firefighter (here on medivh) and server second algalon.

I cleared tier 9 minus heroic anub, despite wiping for weeks at sub 2%.

I cleared tier 10 here on 10 man, and 11/12H on 25 man. I server transfered and got HLK25 before the xpac was out though.

I went super casual and quit for all of tier 11, and most of tier 12.

Tier 13 I cleared at 20% on my other server in 25 man.

And now for the part that actually matters.

Current content: I am 6/6H 25man, 3/6H25man and 4/4 normal. Rocking delver of the vault's title.

Any toon I commit to raid on I put my full effort into and, despite my lack of gear, will quickly make up for it, and hopefully catch up to current standards.

Once my gear is up to par, I'll be picking up two raiding professions, leatherworking and engineering to complete the package.

Here is a link to my DK's armory (my main), formerly Ravendale of Gilneas and prior to that Ravendale of Medivh.
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90 Human Paladin
Are you looking for 10s or 25s?
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Sorry for slow response;

Either or, I'm confident in my abilities to perform well in either setting, though so far, for most fights, 10 man seems easier due to space/certain mechanics that are present in the fights, so that might be wiser for me to get into, than another 25 man, considering I am progression raiding at a rather hardcore rate/pace or whatever on my main.
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