Old player just come back from absence to play with some friends, and it would be nice to dabble in some raid content! I am currently in the military stationed in Okinawa, so my timeframes can get a bit wonky. I work from 10pm server to 6-10 am server, however my times can change on a weekly basis, meaning I will miss some raids here or there just due to my occupation. However it is fairly static.

I'm looking for a good 10 man group to do some of the content with. I would prefer fun people to be around rather than being with the best and most hardcore, been there and done that one!

WoW resume:
Destromath rogue<Bloodmoon Dynasty> One of raid content leaders, helped guild progress through AQ20/ZG/MC/BWL up to chromaggus, guild didn't start raiding MC till a couple weeks before AQ release.

Thraunduil hunter<Dissonance> dabbled a bit in Dissonance before xpac swapped over, participated in spider wing Naxx.

Destromath rogue<Bloodmoon Dynasty> Raid leader during release, first horde guild on Arathor (after free swaps) to clear Karazhan. Quit that rogue shortly after.

Orick paladin<Made> Helped lead mades early forays into karazhan and attempts at gruuls lair before joining a more competitive guild.

Orick paladin<Jesters> Played with Jesters through SSC/TK quitting PvE before BT/Hyjal releases.

Verrexis rogue<random guilds>- 6 gladiator titles, two rank one titles on the realms Cenarius and Tichondrius. Did this during l70-80.

Kwsftsia priest<random guild> - 2 gladiatgor titles during l80 realm tichondrius

Been around the game in high end pve/pvp for a while, just loking to dabble for some fun, feel free to respond to me via ingame tell or mail if you prefer. Thank you for reading!