Suggestions for Ret PvP (5.2)

90 Human Paladin
I like what they did with ret but i have 2 or 3 suggestions. 1 make SS baseline ret like in cata where a bubble pops at 35% and healing is increased by x amount, i did some war games and i still feel squishy. 2. TV dmg is still to low, we use our HP too much on WoGs and keeping up in inquisition, a 40k crit isnt enough. 3 make repentance a baseline ret spell, 1 min cd insta cast like it was since i can remember. This will seperate us from holy in rbgs. lastly do something with hand of salvation (ret only) i use it rarely in pvp just to get pets off of my teammates (i dont know if that actually works but its worth a shot). Make it do something like tricks and give a teamate a dmg or healing buff. I can go on and on i just complained how bad we all last patch and i think if we separate our utility from hpallys and can actually survive i think we will do alright. any thoughts? troll
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