Ice lance spam

90 Gnome Rogue
They have to use Frost Nova,Frost Orb,Frostbolt crit you a few times for in order for Ice Lance proc crit for that much damage.When you use Ice lance normal it only hits for less damage when they spam it.
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90 Gnome Mage
This is accounted for. Frost Bomb's damage was increased late in beta to compensate for the fact that it's more difficult to maintain perfect uptime with it; in effect, they made it slightly superior in a Patchwerk situation so that it'd be only slightly inferior when there's lots of movement. Of course there are minor differences in damage output between the three bombs in different situations, but they are minor, and since the bomb only makes up about 10-12% of your total damage, those differences become miniscule

Any chance you may have a link to any proof of this claim?
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90 Human Mage
ice lance hits for 3-4k if the target isn't frozen and ice lance isn't proc'd.

Perty much this, if you dont have fingers of frost it hits for near nothing..

However what some mages will not admit too is how easily we get fingers of frost now days.

Frost nova 1X charge, pet nova 2X charge, etc.
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90 Human Mage
Necro thread was necro as soon as OP admitted he should just run away from the Swirling Orb of Icy Death, and it's especially necro now.
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