disc has 4 manditory glyphs for PvP

85 Goblin Priest
Just picked up my old priest from cata and wow they have destroyed Disc for pvp. why?

manditory pvp glyphs:

Inner Focus
Mass Dispell

there are lots of other interesting pvp glyphs but i cant use any of them

Why was this spec stripped from cata? this is so sad. Disc wasnt even a top tier healer in cata

Cd and increased cast time on mass dispell
removed double offensive dispell
baseline abilities made into glyphs
off-dps is gone
baseline MC gone
no room to pick up penence while moving
no mana regen
divine hyme gone
took away ability to buff casters with PI
lots junk buffs to protect bubbles- PW"S is always purged off
holy nova gone too??

all the old priest utility is gone. this spec used to be so fun and unique! : (

my feedback is that Disc is NOT fun atm, it feels like half a spec compared to what it used to be, compared to the other pvp healers disc has been left in the dust
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100 Draenei Priest
I usually roll with Penance, Inner Focus, and then either Mass Dispel or Desperation depending on the comp we're facing.

I'd say the Penance glyph is much better than PoM, and the only glyph that's truly mandatory is Inner Focus.
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90 Draenei Priest
I'm stuck with being pretty casual about pvp right now but I also roll with Penance, Inner Focus, and Desperation. But I agree, we lost a lot, a lot can be simply purged or stripped off, and being locked out of healing by attempting offense (holy fire, smite) bloooowwwws.

Not being able to take Holy Nova for sneaky flag cappers forced me into taking Divine Star thanks to the low CD and twin schools its in.
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