heal as hPal (pve) does pvp gear help?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
So, it's new toon now, I want to know if anyone can please help me :)

So comparing (as holy pally) does 2 set/ 4 set pvp gears is better than ilvl 363 from LFD???

(2) Set: Increases the damage and healing of your Holy Shock spell by 10%.
(4) Set: When you cast Word of Glory using 3 Holy Power you will gain 1 Holy Power.
(from glove)Increases the critical effect chance of your Flash of Light by 2%.

Will this following help improve me for raid content? I know it's downgrade as 363 > 358 but would those things help?

Of course, when i run enough normal/LFR I'll eventually replace them anyway, but just wanna see if they can be better than LFD.

Thank you very much for your all help!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
While the bonuses would be slightly helpful, the 463 gear is decent enough coupled a purple or two. Though since you shouldn't be casting FoL the glove bonus could go unnoticed.
You might add up how much of each stat you'd lose by going for 4 pvp pieces, then weigh that against the usefulness of the bonus. If it seems like a good trade-off to you and your play style then by all means go for it.

Best of luck!
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90 Tauren Paladin
The short answer is yes, holy crap, grab that Honor set. I've been using the set myself for a while (upgraded to 483 Conquest), and it is extremely strong. Let me make a basic comparison with some fudged, rounded numbers.

Using the 4-piece set, I am able to cast 6 Word of Glories/Eternal Flames each minute instead of 4. This assumes that you are able to gain 12 Holy Power per minute (not counting the set bonus!) through your usage of Holy Shock and casting Divine Light/Flash of Light on your beacon target. If you gain less than that per minute, the impact of the PvP set is slightly reduced (and this would be the case as you don't yet have the spirit needed to cast Divine Light with abundance).

This is a bonus of 2 WoG's/EF each minute! This means that I will get to cast two free, instant heals instead of two Divine Lights that I would otherwise need to cast to keep my party members alive. 2 WoG's is faster than 2 Divine Lights, as well, so we get time to throw out some Holy Lights if we care to.

WoG heals for a bit more than Divine Light, more than double if you have the Eternal Flame talent and you cast the spell off-beacon to take advantage of the 50% beacon transfer. Divine Light grants Holy Power, however, and two HP cancels out one WoG, so these all kind of even out.

So what does this mean?

Each minute, we get to save the full mana costs of two Divine Lights AND gain 3 seconds of spare time. Divine Light is 21,000 mana. Two would be 42,000 mana. Divide that by 60 and you get 700 mana per second, or 3,500 Mp5.

The four piece set bonus is worth over 6,200 Spirit in situations of moderate to heavy damage, like raids (I wouldn't price it below 4k spirit for Heroic dungeons). On top of faster healing. And greater HPS. And a lot more chances to proc your Divine Purpose talent. And this doesn't include the 2-piece set. I could work the math out fully, but these numbers should give you enough of an indication.

So yes. If you don't mind doing some PvP, or you have enough JP to convert to Honor, grab the set. Use it with Eternal Flame and Divine Purpose for much awesome. Do not replace the 4-piece until you get all four pieces of 483 LFR PvE (yes, the LFR PvE gear set is stronger than the Honor set, in part because of the higher item levels). Cheers!
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