Another goodbye...

90 Night Elf Hunter
I realize that this is getting redundant...

We have decided to leave Uldaman as well. We will be departing for Whisperwind today via guild transfer. Many of you may not know us, but all of us here in Osaes il Shyr have loved this realm, and the people here. It is with much thought and regret that we have decided to move on. Many of our friends have left, and it's our time to leave as well. This is not a flame thread, nor is it meant to offend anyone. If anyone has an issue with me, or us as a group, feel free to find me and take it up directly. No need to make this personal.

To the friends we leave behind, we wish you the best - and we will miss you. There are so many people here that we care about that I cannot possibly list them all. For all of you that we have played with, raided with, PvP'd with, etc - know that a part of us stays with you. This game is best played with friends - RL and online friends. Thankfully we can all still stay in touch one way or another.

Nereza - wow, who would have ever thought that you and I would have become such close friends? Take care of yourself, and good luck in leading Sufferance onward and upward! Alliance needs a good 25-man guild. I hope that you can push through and make that happen.

Evermercy - Yes, we will watch the Steelers lose together next season. You, me and my husband can all cry together while we drown our sorrows and mediocrity in beer and wine!

My friends in EoA - You've already left, but I value the friendship and partnerships that we had - and continue to have. Miss you tons, Runes. Good luck on Turaylon!

Immortalis - it looks like a good portion of my old guild has found a new home there. To say I loved picking fights with you would be an understatement! Arkness - you always seemed to show up when I was at 10% health... I definitely dished it out, but you returned it in kind! I'll miss our sparring matches!

Lastly, and most certainly not least - Wrath of Medivh... I wish you all nothing but success. Hal - keep pushing and fighting. I hope you can find a way to restore WoM to its past glory.

Good luck to you all - especially the alliance guilds that remain. Audacity, Millennium, Sufferance, WoM, and all of the other raiding guilds that are forging ahead.

Full sails and fair seas, Uldaman. We will always cherish our memories here.

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<Ragnorok> I still miss /flirt with you on the bank steps, killing dargons on tha interwebs with fwends is the best reason to play this game. Change is good. Good luck and fair sailing!
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Later B......


You guys are leaving me?!!!


/em Tekket grabs onto Q's leg kicking and screaming. "Please please please please take me with you!"

On a more serious note, I will miss a lot of folks that I've made friends with here on Uldaman. I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

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Miss ya Quil take care!
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90 Draenei Shaman
Bye quil!
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90 Orc Death Knight
wait a minute Quill, The Steelers are going to win the Superbowl next year. There's no way they are going to spend an entire year hearing about how the ravens won it without showing some retribution.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
They better! OMG - the torture from Baltimore fans has been unbearable...

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