Need Assist with a modified macro for healing

90 Night Elf Druid
Im looking for a macro that is modified with say Shift to cast for example rejuv. So no modifier rejuvs me, shift hot key rejuvs arena partner 2.

I have done a bit of searching online but cant really find exactly what Im looking for. I want to decluster my hotbar some. I dont necessarily need a second modifier for arena partner 3, only doing twos at the moment, maybe once my awareness gets better Ill try some threes.

On that note, can anyone recommend an add on that will give me a clear quick view of my partners debuffs? I understand him being vocal saying "Full Fear" etc is important, but my awareness as a healer is lower than when Im on my DPS for some reason. Like the new thing blizz put in where when you get stunned pops up on your screen, but for my arena partner.

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90 Human Priest
/cast [mod:shift, target=YOURBUDDYHERE]Rejuvenation;[target=player]Rejuvenation

That SHOULD work...

Though I would suggest something like:

/cast [mod:shift, target=YOURBUDDYHERE]Rejuvenation;[mod:alt, target=player]Rejuvenation;Rejuvenation

That way SHIFT goes to arenabuddy, ALT goes to you, and leaves non-modifier rejuv free in case you need to do an emergency click-on-target heal, or you need to heal somebody else, or you're lazy (like me) and wants to use the same button for normal rejuvs in a dungeon or something. You can even do it like this:

/cast [mod:shift, target=YOURBUDDYHERE]Rejuvenation;[mod:alt, target=player]Rejuvenation;[help]Rejuvantion;[harm]Wrath

So if the target is friendly you rejuv, if target is hostile you cast wrath....that will save you another buttonspace and freel up more real estate for other more useful things (like hearthstone, lol)
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100 Night Elf Priest
You can use party1, party2, etc. to cast on your party members. But the numbers get assigned randomly, they're not always the same player.
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