Where should i start?

90 Dwarf Warlock
I have a 90 spriest, and have never done any healing while leveling.

So where would be a good place for me to practice?

A friend of mine recommended heal bot so ive downloaded it and when i get a chance im gonna try out some healing.

I was thinking start super easy with scenario or should i go full out and try heroics?
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90 Tauren Druid
Neither. Do random battlegrounds.

Start out in any of the smaller bgs like wsg or ab, expect to die over and over but it will give you the best chance at making your spell clicks muscle memory. The great thing about this is that everyone isn't relying on JUST YOU to heal them and if you fumble a bit at first people are very unlikely to notice.

Once you've done a couple of those try stepping into a bigger bg like AV. Learn where your controls are in healbot for changing the bar profile (such as fluid, or for av the alteric valley preset) Knowing how to go to skins>profile or skins>bars and adjusting the number of columns on the fly is very useful.

Once you've started to get the feel for which buttons are where, head into LFR. Same issue applies you have a safety net of other healers in case you fumble and this will really give you the best possible view of what healing a raid would be like as far as being able to adjust your ui etc.

THEN head into heroics and have fun :D Welcome to healing!
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90 Dwarf Warlock
thanks ill give it a try later today,

should i run healer gear in battlegrounds or should i be using the craftable 450 cloth set
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90 Tauren Druid
Feyanna nailed it.

To your question, do you mean PvE healing gear vs. the 450 PvP craftable set? If so, I would recommend the 450 PvP gear, unless you have raid level healing gear. The resilience is extremely important, especially with the nerf to your healing spells. Speaking of which, that is something to remember, your healing spells are reduced by about 30% when in a BG, so you will notice a dramatic difference when you start healing people outside of PvP. BGs are a great place to practice your dispells as well.

Good luck and have fun!
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90 Dwarf Warlock
Awesome thanks,

I have a 466 il pve healer set, just havent put it to use yet
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90 Draenei Paladin
I say bring a friend and do a heroic. Tell people you're new and to go slowly. BGs are so different from heroics structure-wise that you might not get a chanse to really get your rotation (such as it is) down.
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90 Tauren Druid
Heroics aren't very scary this xpac, and you'd likely end up with an overgeared tank who's doing the heroic just for VP and maybe a CtA satchel.

Just do a quick read over of priest healing priorities, get your healbot set up, and roll with it.

Bring plenty of water, though, and be ready to drink often. Until you get some gear, mana is even a problem in heroics. I'd give the tank a quick /w of "FYI, I'm new to healing, so please watch my mana and don't chain pull".
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90 Night Elf Druid
I also recommend random BG's for healing practice. You can try AV or IoC if you want to avoid being focused by opposing players, as those maps have basically become PVE bg's.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Unless you have a friend who is tank, I would recommend avoid running heroics until you know the basics of your class. People in heroics can be very impatient because they want to get in and get out.

Larger BGs is a good place to start (AV especially) and LFR. Once you get those down, go to the small BGs (WSG, etc) to start practicing your survival cooldowns. That will be frustrating without pvp gear and you will die often, but it will train you for those O-S**T moments.

Once you feel comfortable with those situations, head into heroics. (I know it seems backwards to start with raids and then heroics, but you have the insurance of the other healers in LFR that you do not have in heroics. A heroic relies completely on you and the tank to keep them alive and frequently compensate for other incompetent players.) These will either be very simple or painful, depending on the group you get and your own skill level. A poorly geared tank or a stupid dps may put you to the test.

Once you're comfortable with those and have LFR-quality healing gear, you should be ready for normal-mode raids.

Also, spend some time on your class fourms. Most class fourms have intro-101 guide to each role. Post questions on your fourm when you aren't sure what to do in a given situation or when to use specific abilities or what stats to prioritize or how to gem/enchant.
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The learning curve of a healer is much like this:
1. Keeping people alive. (decent healers)
2. Be as mana-efficient as you can be. (good healers)
3. Make full use of all your (utility) spells. (great healers)

The best advise I got when I started healing: pick 3 spells you want to use, familiarize yourself with those 3 spells and slowly expand from there. This doesn't have to take days or weeks, after your first dungeon you'll probably be using about 6-7 spells already.

For Holy I'd recommend: renew, holy word: serenity & heal.
For Disc I'd recommend: penance, power word: shield & atonement (holy fire/smite).
In both specs, keep flash heal for emergencies.

You can heal any heroic just fine with these 3 to 4 spells, but you will soon notice that Flash heal eats your mana and you'll probably need a mana break after every pull. Once you learned to keep people alive, challenge yourself to do it as mana-efficient as possible by using more 'appropriate' spells for the situation. This involves predicting incoming damage, and making an estimate of the time you have to finish your spell-casts.

Healium (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/healium) is the easiest click-cast addon I know and it shows spellbuttons next to your raidframes.

One task of a healer often overlooked is dispelling. Make sure you have dispellable debuffs showing up in your raidframes, some bosses in heroic dungeons can not be done without dispels (last boss in the Temple of Jade Serpent, for example).

And like some others already pointed out: bring a friend, carry enough water and tell your group/tank you're new to healing.

Edit: I would not recommend bg's, as 5-man's offer a more 'controlled' environment for learning to predict & respond to incoming damage. Also, your targets are limited to 5. But specifically queuing for a normal dungeon (one you're familiair with) might be a better idea than queuing up for a random heroic dungeon.
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90 Draenei Priest
Healbot is nice, not much customization required. Just load it, and try it out on normal starter dungeons like the Brewery run. The damage output isn't very high at all and after a few runs you'll get used to healing.
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