what's up guys,

basically, i haven't played this game since early WotLK and am looking to get back into it, pretty much solely pvp'ing though. For now, i'll basically just be leveling & playing BG's and hopefully I'll be able to get most of a crappy pvp honor set when i hit 90.

anyways, are there any pvp guilds looking for players on this server? i'd prefer to stay shadow, but am willing to heal, as long as i haven't bought too much shadow gear. (i also have an 80 hunter, it's that's a much better choice, but i'd rather roll s.priest)

also, is there any point to running arenas prior to 90? do you actually get conquest points or w/e, or just honor, or nothing? (i tried googling this a lot, and couldn't find an answer)

finally, i know this is kinda a broad question, but does anyone have any advice for me on my way to 90 to help me when i finally do pvp at 90?

Thanks in advance.