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All of the other 'considering transferring here' threads are old, so I wanted to ask what the server's like now - high, medium, or low population? Do folks pug (mostly wondering is there usually a Sha pug going, are people working together to kill the Greench for the winter holiday crap, do people run old world pugs sometimes, etc.)? I'm primarily a alt/achievement kinda gal so not as concerned about hardcore raiding, just want a fun place to play casually, kill some time, and have fun.
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It's around medium population, all alliance with like a 5:1 alliance to horde ratio. Most of us hang out in Pandaria and Stormwind to avoid CRZ, and you can usually find upwards of 10 or more sha raids a day. There's always people asking for pug fills in trade, but the raiding here isn't real excellent. But the people on the server enjoy eachother - even if it's trolling eachother. Which they do. A lot.

About six months ago our server population dropped so significantly that they opened us up to new players, so the server is a half and half mix of people who have been here since vanilla and people who are brand spanking new. Now it's back to medium.

I've been here since Vanilla. If you're looking for a more in depth analysis, feel free to message me in game. I can tell you if what you're looking for is here, I know what most of the other guilds on the server are up to and if there's one that you'd fit into, and what kind of general things you should know about the server.

I like it. :) Don't talk to Lawlipop, though. He bites and if you make eye contact you'll never get rid of him.... :-p
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See? I don't know what he was doing there, but don't step in it...

But he taught me how to play with his yak today, so... ;)
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In hopes that your decision has yet to be confirmed, don't consider transferring to this server unless it's for/with friends you know or will play the game with here. In my opinion, there is nothing here for anyone on either faction otherwise. This is an overburdened Alliance server full of prepubescent manics who enjoy publicizing their short-comings in every chat they can get themselves into.

I say this on unbiased terms as I used to be an Alliance player here when I first began this game with friends. The Horde here are civil & actually display comradery (more-so than alliance) which is a significantly more enjoyable experience.

Regardless, if you're here and do remain "ally," best of luck to you!
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Wow, harsh. I'm not prepubescent. :(
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Batuimus is a troll don't listen to him, This is a really good server with a large population.
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unless your horde
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