A dilemma: Resto Druid or Resto Shaman

90 Night Elf Druid
So I play a resto druid for my raid (this one) and I have been doing well with him. I have played resto druid since WotLK and consider myself well experienced with healing as a resto druid. But since Mist of Pandaria came around resto druid just feels really unfun. My heals get sniped or overhealed, I don't have very good AoE healing, and I really only use 3 heals (rejuv, regrowth, wild growth) on a regular basis because the other 3 are almost useless (nourish, wild mushrooms, healing touch). It's not that I feel as if I'm putting out bad numbers, it's just that I feel as though I am just constantly spamming the same thing because I have no spell selection.

I have a 51 shaman that I would be willing to gear up for my 10m raid (other healers are pally and disc priest) and there is already a balance druid in the raid which competes with loot but it hasn't been an issue yet. There is just no one to take that mail int/spirit gear and it would lead to more diversity. So what should I do? Level my shaman and do Heroics/LFR/dailies again? Or stick it out on my druid and hope Blizzard improves my spell choices?
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100 Draenei Shaman
It sounds like your groups just at the point where 3 healers is 1 too many, though if that's not the case a shaman works very well with a pally and a priest. You'll still have issues with your heals being sniped due to the amount of absorbs the other 2 have but you'll have amazing totems of awesomeness and the ability to dance as a ghostly dog. You might want to try building a feral set and letting the other healers try 2 healing before you switch mains as this would take less time with some luck and feral is ungodly fun.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Resto druid is the most unchanged healer since wrath. The healing choices have changed very little if at all with the exception of WM and SM. I been playing this toon as resto since 3.2 and is definitely the closest of my healers to then less the lack of infinite mana.

Generally i think people forget how much the first tier of an expac is brutal on healers and look at the past through rose colored glasses.
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90 Worgen Druid
Healing tide is better than tranq
Mana tide helps raid, your innervate just helps you delay ooming.
Spirit link is used more in raids than IronBark.That reminds me anyone ever seen a progression video where the raidleader yells IRONBARK? hell ya but its in a RBG j/k
Healing rain is a bigger circle than efflorescence or 5x bigger circle than lolshroom

Gear utility matters a lot for 10man so if int mail gear is getting wasted you shouldn't even have to think that hard
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