Calling in all resto pvp druids

I recently started becoming a full blown healer in bg's. Any tips as of now to effectively play this role?
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90 Night Elf Druid
Get lots of resilience
Learn to powershift
Heal from range
Avoid big ugly BROCCOLIFORM until you really need it
Get lots of resilience
Learn to powershift
Make good use of swiftmend
Stack mastery
Get lots of resilience
Make buttons to heal yourself (mouseovers/grid/healbot are fine for others)
Use all your forms
Use barkskin (with glyph) a lot
Use Ironskin a lot (and you can cast on others, too)
Get lots of resilience
PvP Druids love charge talent ... good for arenas .... I like Displacer for BGs...both are fun
Learn to hardcast - your HoTs do jack for keeping people alive
Hump lots of pillars
Keep lifebloom stacked and rolling on whomever they're killing. If they're killing multiples, go to BROCCOLIFORM and spam Regrowths.
Use Barkskin before using Tranquility
A DK is your best friend for Symbiosis, followed by warriors and then priests.
Your job is to stay alive first, keep everyone else up second.
When you're OOM you're useless
Get lots of resilience

You don't have the totems/mail/Earthshield/big heals of a shaman
You don't have the AE fears and bubbles of a priest
You don't have the plate, big heals and full-bubble immunity of a paladin
You rely on speed, movement, kiting.

When they hard-swap to you, you have no hard-outs. If you don't have HoTs already on you you're in a bad spot. You can often "read" a battle and see it just before the shift to you. You have to be ready to run away ... and then run back when they go back to killing your friends.

Your CCs are okay. Cyclones are hard-cast and don't last the full 8 seconds even for the first one ... instead of 8/4/2 seconds we get 6/3/1 seconds. Roots are your friend, but that does not help against casters and there are a ton of root breaks running around.

Get used to being feared. A lot. And scattered. And trapped. And hibernated. And silenced. And poly'd. (Yes, you can quite easily poly a druid, even a top-tier R1 "best in the world" druid. No I'm not telling because non-druids read this.)

Above all stay loose, stay fluid, stay aware. You're probably THE squishiest healer out there. (Yes, even moreso than priests who can at least instantly AE fear multiple opponents.) You have no real instant/1.5s heals. You have to stack Lifeblooms, wait for Regrowth/Rejuv ticks. The closest you have is "rejub/swiftmend" which is still 2 GCDs (3 seconds). No instant bubbles that heal you and full bubbles ... no grounding of CS/silences. Nada.

You run. You hide. You juke. You LoS. The ONLY time you're even a little bit "tanky" is when you're in BROCCOIFORM and spamming Regrowths w/Glyph. And then it drops, you're OOM and easy pickings.

Good luck - for as "OP" as we're said to be, it's really (really) damn hard to keep people alive these days ... especially while trying to stay alive ourselves.

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90 Night Elf Druid

Your job is to stay alive first, keep everyone else up second.


I like to use the LB switching glyph and just keep three stacks on whoever is the main target...

I find if you can react to switches by observing when the raid frame turns yellow rather than when the target starts taking damage, you will end up a few gcds ahead of where you would be if you only started hotting up a switch after the damage is inc... This is tricky because if dps is split then you will often have multiple friendly targets with "aggro." If my target with lifebloom is still getting tunnelled and someone else starts to also drop, I'll quickly throw ironbark on them plus a rejuv..

You have to judge in a split second whether its a serious switch or just random aoe damage or split dps... (Look at where the enemy rogues, dks, warriros etc are, who they are on.) You're probably going to find yourself using ironbark pretty much on CD, swiftmend on CD, WG on CD, even NS on CD... Don't wait until someone is sub 20-30% to use ironbark.... At that point they are a few good crits away... If you have a disc don't put your bark on his shields, don't put your bark on a paladin's bubble, or a monk's.

Basically everytime you get switched on you'll be displacer beasting, if that's down you'll be forced to barkskin, and if I was you I'd start using a self targetting macro to get those blooms on you as soon as the switch happens... If its a melee switch you'll definitely use Nature's Grasp, be aware of Might of Ursoc combined with frenzied regen and a health trink or healthstone.... (<that has saved my !@# a TON of times, you can use Stampeding roar in bear form to kite away and then drop bear form and you still have the speed buff but now you're hotting yourself too...)

I dunno lots of stuff. Basically you'll be using everything in your spellbook at some point.

EDIT: like for example soothe to calm warrior's enrages....
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90 Orc Shaman
I have a rdruid but rsham is my main but I'll share some general tips :)

Lots of macros/keybinds for powershifting, the most useful one I have (imo) is to go travel but I can spam it and it shifts to caster then back travel which is amazing for kiting.
(if you want it jump on Jubei-thos and whisper me or Kroatoan my rdruid)

Definitely stack resil as you will get trained and need it.

12/17/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Szii
You rely on speed, movement, kiting.

12/18/2012 01:39 AMPosted by Anoru
I like to use the LB switching glyph and just keep three stacks on whoever is the main target...

I do this as well, I would say it is a playstyle choice but not really sure :S more research my be needed.

Also, I do think using cheetah travel is better because the huge annoying deer is too easy to see.

One last thing, while defensive are important to hold onto DO NOT be afraid to let them go. Even if it is early, if you are vsing a KFC or cleave team and they pop all CDs straight off use some defensives but as much as possible try to to overlap with team mates if possible.

Good Luck :)
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Thank you all for your responses.
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This right here is one of the reasons I like hanging out in the healing threads, people are actually helpful.

And I say thank you too, since these will be very useful tips for my poor druid too.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I just like how when I have the ability to switch a 3-stack LB it acts more like a damage reduction bed than an actual heal.... Merely talking about how it feels but I do sometimes let it bloom, though that is tricky when it can be refreshed through direct casts, only really useful in very split-dps situations; the bloom that is not the HoT itself.

...To be honest I haven't tried glyph of blooming at all because its just not how I'm used to playing. I've heard it crits for 300K in good gear.
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90 Worgen Druid
Yeah, for pvp, reroll either Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman, esp in 5.2
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