Low population on Gorgonnash realm xfer

92 Worgen Druid
Yes, another intelligent debate about our low pop server. Dear blue gods, any input would be welcome regarding the state of our dearest gorgonnash. While CRZ is AMAZING ( THANK YOU!!!) ... We still lack the populous for good world pvp and our server econ is horrible. Any input for the denizens of gorgonnash would be welcome, I pray we can get some reply in this endeavor.

Anyone else here on gorgonnash is more then welcome to /sign or sticky request..
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90 Undead Death Knight
/bump /sigh
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100 Blood Elf Mage

This is getting ridiculous, we can't even get half decent groups together for world bosses.

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90 Human Warrior
I have to agree 100%. It is sad when almost all the main cities (on the alliance side anyway) have 6 people in each, and half of those are usually level 60 or lower. It takes insane amounts of time to get groups for world bosses, and even then, we take a bunch of level 89 or level 88 characters occasionally. For actual raids, those are a thing of the past, unless you are in an active guild. Nobody looks for players in trade/looking for group anymore, save for the world bosses mentioned earlier, so LFR is usually the only thing to do. I would really appreciate if we could get an answer if they will ever allow transfer off/free transfer to Gorgonnash.

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100 Worgen Hunter
When was the last time we had an Oondasta raid? 3 weeks ago, maybe? Even Nalak hasn't gotten much run.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Some of us from Gorgonnash have made a fresh start on the Stormrage server. We've formed an Alliance guild called <Chasing That First High> and we want to recruit casual players and raiders alike.

My two major goals are:

1. Provide a place for you to play with familar faces on this extremely large server, so you have the opportunity to play with thousands of other players without getting lost in the crowd.

2. Get feedback from and coordinate with highly motivated raid leaders to help with recruitment. I want you guys to run your own raids the way you want.

For a guild invite please respond below or send in-game mail to Worksntheory. Thanks for your time!
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100 Human Paladin
Virtual Realms will fix Gorg. We now just have to wait patiently for 5.4
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