[NEW] World Server Down


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We're aware of an issue where players are receiving the World Server Down message when trying to log into multiple realms. Updates to follow when we know more, everyone. Thanks for the reports.
87 Tauren Druid
Mal'Ganis is back up.
2 Pandaren Monk
It is not just logging in. I got kicked out and then got the message.
I also had gotten kicked out and then got the message of the world server being down.
20 Troll Hunter
totally got booted then "World Server Down"

But Hey! That awesome realm status page you guys have says they're all up so i musta done something wrong!?!
90 Dwarf Warrior
I was in game and it booted me back to character select screen.
87 Tauren Druid
I am on Mal'Ganis right now along with 11 guildies. Do not know how the server is down.
90 Blood Elf Mage
Everything is running fine on Hyjal.
Vashj is back up I just got in. so did someone trip over a plug or push a button they should not have. lol
Support Forum Agent
Thanks for the updates, everyone. Realms should be ok now, but we're still going to keep an eye on everything.
90 Human Paladin
All servers are back up, but I am now laughing my butt off at the group that just kicked me from a raid because they were trolls because they probably just wiped. lol :P
10 Blood Elf Priest
Kalimdor on Tero is back up <3
90 Tauren Shaman
back up thanks
90 Human Paladin
Was it only US realms, or was it Oceanic/Brazil as well?
90 Pandaren Monk
01/07/2013 05:31 PMPosted by Vanshear
Thanks for the updates, everyone. Realms should be ok now, but we're still going to keep an eye on everything.

Did somebody trip over the cord again?

I just laughed so hard
Support Forum Agent
Issue should be resolved at this point. Locking.
This topic is locked.

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