[A] <Drop Bears> is accepting applications.

90 Dwarf Warrior
<Drop Bears> is a large casual guild, and one of the oldest continually active guilds on the server. Our membership tends to skew older, towards working adults with careers and families (we were running a weird specialization in emergency personnel for a while there, and we've still got several firemen and paramedics in our ranks), and it's our goal to provide a friendly, flexible environment for people to enjoy the game and see as much content as possible. While the guild is largely for casual players, we've enjoyed reasonable success in the raiding game in past expansions, and hope to continue doing so in Pandaria.

Despite the name of the guild, most of our regular members are American or Canadian, although we do have several players from Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

In 2013, we have several goals, and towards that end, I'm opening the doors for recruitment.

* Raiding: we currently have one ten-man team, with at least one more that I'm planning to get on the move in the next couple of weeks. Starting tomorrow, we're also beginning Shenanigan Fridays, where we run LFR as a guild and, most likely, drink heavily throughout.

* Herald of the Titans: we're running 25-man Ulduar on Thursdays to gear up level 80 characters for the Herald of the Titans achievement. Right now, we could use a couple of level 80 healers. The goal is to defeat Algalon on 10-man difficulty with a full raid of level 80 characters, all of whom are wielding weapons no better than ilevel 232 and wearing gear in every other slot that's no better than ilevel 226. The reward is a nifty rare title and a Feat of Strength.

* PVP: traditionally, we have always had several fervent PVP players but not quite enough of them to get a regular rated-battleground group off the ground or to seriously pursue high arena ratings. We'd be interested in players with a PVP focus who'd be interested in guild activities, up to and including a regular RBG team. Don't kid yourself; this is getting in on the ground floor with some like-minded individuals.

* Classy Pandaren: we could use a panda mage, shaman, rogue, and priest to get the guild achievement.

* Of course, if you simply want a large casual guild to hang out in while you're leveling or playing, that's fine as well. The guild is friendly to members of all races, beliefs, and orientations, and we are not likely to gasp in shock when it turns out you are a lady person. It turns out that several of our members are already women.

Do Not Apply If:
* We're all too damned old for drama. If you're likely to pitch a fit over purple internet swords or your comfort zone involves provoking fights with strangers, go away until such a time as you've reexamined your life.
* Do you type like a rhesus monkey with a head wound? Go away.
* Do you like to use the word "gay" as a pejorative slur? Go away faster. We've got and we've had several gay members over the course of our time on Moonrunner, and it's a point of pride for me that the guild is a safe zone.
* It probably isn't a good idea to bring up politics in guild chat.

Visit http://dropbearsguild.garoun.net/forum/ and register an account. Make a post in the Join Requests board introducing yourself to the regular membership and an officer should be along eventually to talk things over with you.

Many of our activities are coordinated through the website, so members would be advised to regularly check its forum for posts and events. We post up most of our raids and other events using the website's calendar.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
I loooove drop bears. they are adorable.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
I'm looking to get a second 10-man raid group off the ground and we could use some extra personnel. Right now, we could use a couple of extra DPS and healers, and hybrids are never bad to have.
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