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90 Night Elf Druid
Hello again Whisperwind! Is Out of Mana (IOOM) has once again propped up a box with a stick and placed a piece of bacon inside in hopes of snaring some unsuspecting individuals to come join us in covering the floors of various raid dungeons with skeletons...sometimes theirs, mostly ours.

IOOM is a casual raiding guild that is currently 4/6 in normal mode Mogu'shan Vaults (we don't want to take all the glory so we uh...well....we give the other guilds a good head start!). IOOM typically raids Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 11pm server time. Although sometimes the days are altered slightly, the start time remains the same.

What is IOOM all about? As mentioned above, we are a casual raiding guild that puts the emphasis on the fun. We are a guild of mostly adults, 25+, that are very busy in life with work, family or even school. We log on to WoW to escape the grind of daily life. IOOM is a close-knit group of people that all get along and genuinely enjoy each others company. IOOM was founded on Runetotem back in 2008 and several of the original members are still with us today. We have survived all this time by recruiting people who are of the same frame of mind and do not foster an atmosphere of elitism. Understand that we are a casual guild and progress at a much slower rate than most guilds, but we do progress...like paint eventually dries. We may be a little faster than paint though, but our initial tests were inconclusive.

What are we looking for? For the last several weeks we have been coming up 1 or 2 short for each raid and luckily we have found some very nice and very skilled people to step in to fill the gaps. We are looking to permanently add 1 to 2 people to our roster and will give consideration to any applicant that seems to fit our guild's frame of mind. We will give special consideration to:

Death Knight – DPS
Mage – any spec

To learn more about us or to fill out an application, please visit ioom.guildomatic.com. Also, feel free to contact me in-game if you would like more information.

Thank you for your time.


edited to remove Monk from classes we are specifically looking for. 1/20/13
Edited by Andolen on 1/20/2013 7:26 AM PST
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90 Night Elf Druid
As it turns out we are short 3 for tonights's MV run (1/11/13). Raid starts at 8pm server time. We are looking for 2 dps (mage or shaman would be awesome for 1 of those) and a 3rd dps with a healy offspec for the first 2 bosses.

This would be a great chance to come take IOOM for a test drive and see what we are about!

Reply here or hit me up in-game if you are interested.
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90 Human Priest
Ah, raiding with IOOM. I remember the experience well; using ATD as a metric (average time disemboweled) correlated with PFC (percentage of floor coverage), the closest comparison I can come up with would be a selection of ten hot dogs, forever turning and roasting in a convenience store warming case somewhere.

Joking aside - this is the finest group of people you could hope to raid with. They know what they're doing, and Andolen is one of the best raid leaders you'll ever find. They just enjoy the game - and each other - without letting the little stuff get under their skin. Apply now and don't forget - the man or woman with the biggest sack of bacon wins the day!
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90 Worgen Hunter
I would add to the ATD/PFC correlation the DBST/TOOF (Distracted By Shiny Things/Tripped Over Own Feet) metric. While not as accurate as the ATF/PFC metric, it tends to take into account how easily distracted some of us are by bling and new shoes.
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90 Night Elf Druid

Still could use 1 to 2 more. A mage would be awesome! Somehow me calling for heroism followed by a motorboat sound just doesn't have the same effect...
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90 Night Elf Druid
Since we are usually short 1 or 2 every week, we have needed to Pug the last spots. Typically we try to fill those open spots with people who have joined us previously but sometimes they are not available.

If you are NOT looking to join our guild, but ARE interested in accompanying us from time to time, feel free to hit me up in game. We would gladly add you to our list of those who we contact to fill empty slots before opening it up to the general public. I only ask that your iLvl be appropriate and you have gems, enchants, flasks, etc. Alts are welcome.

This week we are running MV (progression boss is Elegon) on Friday @8pm server time and HoF (spent last week working on Zor'lok - 5%) on Saturday also @8pm server time.
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