What do you require your raiders to bring?

4 Draenei Priest
Do you require they bring MoP potions (Jade Serpent and such)? Do you provide them with flask or require them to bring their own?
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Not running my own raid right now but I've been pugging quite a bit with various alts.

Most groups I'm seeing are requiring potions.
Many groups are strongly suggesting individual food. Tables may be provided as backup though.

I'd say the norm I'm seeing is 1-2 flasks provided to guild members, sometimes offering to pugs...however these raids are often requiring 3 flasks so people are on the hook for at least 1. I've also seen quite a bit of "provide your lotus and we'll make your flask" deals which seems to work well.
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90 Troll Priest
My guild provides potions, flasks and feasts, through people sometimes bring their own.
My guild also promotes to donate mats and/or gold to the guild often, and rewarded to doing so.
But I would say the main factor in it is what the guild can afford, if mats were low in my guild I'm sure we would be asked more to bring our own food/pots/flasks if mats were not being donated.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I/the guild provides feasts and I don't expect people to bring individual food, although I'm pretty sure some do. Raiders are required to bring their own flasks and potions, although I will craft them for someone if they bring the mats. I/the guild also give a few flasks to a pug at the end of the run as a thank you if they didn't win anything or if we didn't down a significant number of bosses (progression day).
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90 Orc Warrior
Everyone is on their own for everything they need (flasks, potions, food), and I run logs to make sure they all use them. If you can't be bothered to bring your own mats, you aren't a good raider and I have no reason to want to continue to raid with you.
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90 Human Warlock
Since our guild is just now getting into guild-run 10M raids, we are not giving out flasks. Folks who want them, can buy them. What we do provide are the feasts and of course, free repairs.
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We formed before guild banks and perks so we have a somewhat old school mentality.

People in the raid are required to bring flasks, potions, and cover their own repairs for the duration of the raid. We open up guild repairs frequently on progression encounters, but not for farm or post-progression nights.

We strongly encourage individual food for tight encounters, but generally someone in the raid provides feasts. We have a member-donated stockpile in the bank to use for this purpose, as well.
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6 Gnome Rogue
Flasks, potions, food for times when they died without it being a wipe (we don't drop feasts for just one or two people), repair funds, reforging funds for those who may need to switch specs with the same gear mid raid, gems for the same.

Feasts are provided, as (occasionally) are repairs on progression wipefest nights.

Mind you, the guild is tiny and keeping the raid in feasts is already more than the bank can support from it's own funds without me providing all of the turnips and soy sauce out of pocket.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
We ask people to provide golden lotus, so we can make flasks.

We had three people level cooking and are still burning through the feasts they made (and continue to make)

We also provide enchants and gems.

But as a group we tend to stock our guild bank with stuff, so its rather a free share kind of environment
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90 Troll Druid
Flasks/potions. We provide feasts. We give raiders 100-200g a night for repairs.
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90 Draenei Priest
Our guild generally provides Potions and Flasks a but it is the raider's responsibility to make sure they have them before raid start time. They are in the bank for raiders to take; we do not make them and mail them out to each player.

Typically the RL will bring banquets of some kind (250-275 buff) but any "special" food (haste, mastery, 300 buff, etc.) that is wanted is the responsibility of the individual raider.

Many of our raiders provide their own consumables even when they are available in the bank.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
We provide food/flask/potions from the guild bank for our members and flask x3 potion x20 for anyone who pugs with us who shows up without them. Other then individual food I'm happy with our guild as far as consumables go. We have one guild bank tab for dps pots and stacks of x3 flasks and another with food/feast/random potions (healing, mana, swiftness etc.) which Core Raiders can withdraw a few stacks from a day from and other members can get things from their raid officer.

The guild bank is well stocked atm and we have a nice range of other perks for our raiders. However what we provide for our members depends on the gold in the guild bank. I don't like to run the bank off donations since usually one person puts in more then another person so we most fund the bank from raid drops. Early in MoP when everyone was running up a repair bill leveling and gearing their toons and raid drops were few and far between we went 100k in the red and all raiders were expected to bring their own pots/flasks.

Definitely though the stat bonus from flask, pre-pot and bloodlust pot is way too nice to pass up. Give it to em or make them bring them but make sure they have it.
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90 Gnome Warlock
I think it all depends upon how much resources you have in your guild. My guild provides flasks and feast but I bring my own flasks so that guild can save some gold.
There is nothing wrong with asking raiders to bring flasks and potions. Providing feast with guild money is not bad idea.

It really depends from guild to guild and resources.
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17 Draenei Shaman
My guild supplies all but potions. But does ask for donation for gold if we are getting low. At the begining of the expansion people had to donate golden lotus.
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90 Draenei Priest
All raiders are expected to bring their own flasks, potions, and stat food in case they are the only one who died since we don't lay a feast for one death. Guild repairs have been turned on since the first day of Cata.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Haven't raided this xpac.

However, it's pretty much always been standard to bring any specific foods needed (spirit, dodge/parry etc) that a feast won't provide, some junk food for in between pulls (don't count on having a mage all the time), first aid items (we actually required raiders to at least be able to use, if not make, high end bandaids and provided one stack to all), and make sure they had flasks, whether from the bank, talking to one of the alchy's if some were low, or buying depending on the stock.

Any specific short term pots, healing pots, mana pots are also the raider's responsibility to ensure they have what they want/need. Showing up at the instance without items just isn't ok when there's so many resources (buy, guild, guildy assistance) to be prepared.

And for the love of pete... if you know there's a specific upgrade you're looking for - bring the enchant scroll/gems/spellthread for it should you expect to equip it immediately. No, we won't wait 10 minutes while you port out to make it shiny and summon you back! (this was an issue we had in wrath for a while lol.)
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90 Night Elf Druid
Flasks/Pots they should bring.

Food is provided.

Also don't forget brain and focus, pretty important for progression.
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90 Human Priest
The guild provides flasks & feasts for both guildies and any pugs we happen to have with us for the night. BYOP(otions). The guild provides repairs for raiders on raid nights and the GL sends out gold to recompense repair costs in a thank-you note to any pugs we have along. Guildies are asked (politely) to please donate golden lotus regularly and gold if we're getting low; but my herbalist farms the herbs for all the flasks.

(I personally bring my own flasks and food, as do a couple of others.)

This has worked quite well for us.
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90 Troll Warlock
We provide absolutely everything. Feasts, Flasks, Potions, Repairs. It's like us paying the raiders for their time and commitment to the raid schedule. Though the "Guild" provides it, quite a bit of raiders put in their share of contribution to keeping the entire raid prepared. It's a team effort and everyone has the same mentality.

Incentive for showing up on time is; how ever many minutes are you late is how much is reduced from your /roll.

Everyone is competitive and things flow nicely :) last week we were able to down all of ToES and HoF within 4 hours including a break half way.
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