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60 Orc Warrior
Revival is a newly created guild on Aman'Thul who are looking to recruit people who would like to experience wow how it used to be. (as best we can). We have started a project that will involve raiding old content with level and gear appropriate toons. we are trying to get as many people together who would be interested in reliving the good old days of wow. once we have completed the lv60 vanilla content, we will move onto the Burning Crusade content after leveling to 70. and repeating for wrath and into cata (maybe)

The Rules:Orc, troll, undead, tauren only.
Mage, lock, priest, rogue, druid, hunter, shaman, warrior only. No glyphs, No PvP gear in raids, dual specc is ok
•Level 60 is the max
•No Deathknights
•No heirloom items (not even to level)
•You can only use items from Vanilla quests and instances or vanilla crafting (so no AH gear or anything like that)
•No flying mounts.
•max prof at 300
•no inscr, JC or arch
•no ramdon BG or dungeon finder. you must manually forma group and run to the entrance. BGs are allowed but you must que for then from the appropriate battle master in the correct zone.
•flight paths can only be used once you have explored that area.

In short, this is something to do over a longer period of time that is more for a little bit of fun as a side project to our main toons and raiding commitments. If you think you would be interested come have a chat. anyone in the guild will happily talk bout this. so come create your lv1 and lets get our nostalgia on.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
Perhaps try posting this on the Aman'Thul forum?
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60 Orc Warrior
the idea is to get ppl from any realm, so am posting on a number of forums, and its open to anyone who would enjoy going back to vanilla raiding
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