Lightninghoof needs more activity...

90 Orc Warrior
I think that Blizzard should offer free realm transfers to Lightninghoof under certain terms so that we could have a more active server once again, with more raiding, and a little more PVP again. We used to be a awesome server and still could be if we had more players. I thought that if blizzard offered free server changes to Lightninghoof and other lower activity servers and we could have more PVE'ing guilds and possibly a little more PvP.
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90 Pandaren Monk
It isn't just our server that is feeling the pain, if you look you will see a lot of people complaining that their servers are feeling kinda dead. If you look at how many north american servers there are you can see that a few of them could be merged.

In all honesty why Blizzard in their infinite wisdom, isn't doing much about this, or at least addressed this to the community is beyond my understanding. Everyone knows that they read posts, it sure would be nice if they could explain the mechanics or the very least what the thinking is behind this. It's probably very simple.
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90 Tauren Warrior
The problem is that everyone moves to those high population servers when they want to find any sort of community. We don't get any new players, but our population I think is stable (if not slightly dwindling over time).

Blizz will not address this with free transfers because it won't look good for their stock holders. I'd appreciate having cross realm raids, guilds, and auction houses over free realm transfers. Nobody will transfer to a server that is deemed "dead" by its players.
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90 Human Priest
Since the advent of CRZ, we have all the disadvantages of a high population realm and all the disadvantages of a low population realm.

Difficulty in gathering but also low availability on AH
Difficulty in tagging quest mobs but also difficulty in recruiting
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86 Human Death Knight
Nzete hit it on the head. CRZ killed the hoof.
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90 Human Paladin
they need to merge realms then
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