How would YOU gone about to Nerf Disc?

90 Blood Elf Priest
Anyway, back on topic, I'd like to see a choice between archangel and spirit shell instead of just stacking both. If they shared the same resource (cooldown, etc.) and weren't tied to evangelism, I think it'd be an interesting way to boost disc's throughput on fights where we aren't overhealing much (limiting the usefulness of SS) without making our SS as overpowered in places where it is useful.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Well, I'd start by giving all three specs the following spells:

Fear Ward (4.6% base mana, Instant, 40 yard range) - Wards the friendly target against Fear. The next Fear effect used against the target will fail, using up the ward. Places a copy of Weakened Soul on the target and may not be cast on targets with Weakened Soul. Last 15 sec.

Reflective Shield (4.6% base mana, Instant, 40 yard range) - Encases the friendly target in a damaging barrier. Whenever an enemy damages the target, the shield damages them for the same amount. Once the shield has dealt 19428 (+187.1% of Spellpower) damage, it is destroyed. Lasts 15 sec. Places a copy of Weakened Soul on the target and may not be cast on targets with Weakened Soul.

Power Word: Shield (4.6% base mana, Instant, 40 yard range - Draws on the soul of the friendly target to shield them, absorbing 19428 (+187%.1 of SpellPower) damage. Lasts 15 sec. While the shield lasts, spell casting will not be interrupted by damage. Places a copy of Weakened Soul on the target and may not be cast on targets with Weakened Soul.

And change a few glyphs:

Glyph of Fear Ward - Your Fear Ward additionally wards against Silence and Interrupts but is also destroyed by them.

Glyph of Reflective Shield - Your Reflective Shield additionally prevents the player from being knocked back, summoned or otherwise dislodged from their position but is destroyed by such effects.

Glyph of Power Word: Shield - Your Power Word: Shield is only consumed after the target has already sustained 50% of their health in damage but the duration is increased by 15 sec.

Now, creating three Weakened Soul effects rather than one probably wouldn't make much of an impact on PvE raiding. Yes, you could generate a massive surge of damage by putting Reflective shield on the entire raid before a big AE. But I suspect your raid leader would really prefer you kept the raid alive rather than dealt a large - but momentary - lump of damage. However, the combination of effects and glyphs would make for some very interesting PvP choices.

I'd also alter some common effects:
Prayer of Healing (4.5% base mana, 2.5 sec cast) - A powerful prayer heals all members of the party or raid for 46,475 to 49,099 (+460.9% of SpellPower), divided equally.

Glyph of Prayer of Healing - Increases the healing from your Prayer of Healing by 25% on the most heavily damaged first of targets, but reduces the healing by 25% on the least heavily damaged fifth of targets.

This would get rid of the last party-centric mechanic and potentially make Prayer of Healing 'quasi-smart'.

Lastly, I'd make some Discipline-specific changes:
Archangel (Instant) - Consumes your Evangelism, increasing your Mastery by 2 points per stack for 15 sec. All of your Divine Aegis effects within 40 yards are removed and the target is healed for the amount of shielding removed.

Borrowed Time - Whenever you cast Fear Ward, Reflective Shield or Power Word: Shield, the casting time of your next Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing is reduced by 40%. Lasts 15 sec.

Mastery: Shield Discipline - Increases the absorption and damage of your shielding effects.

Rapture - When your Power Word: Shield, Fear Ward or Reflective Shield is destroyed, your Spirit is increased by 200% for 15 sec.

Spirit Shell (4.6% mana, Instant, 40 yard range) - Removes your Power Word: Shield, Fear Ward or Reflective Shield from the target to place a copy of that shielding effect and Weakened Soul on the 4 nearest members of your party or raid without Weakened Soul.

The above "un-clunkifies" Discipline's divergent effects a great deal. Mastery becomes much more viable by tying it to both Atonement and PW:S (as well as normal critical heals - especially the now raid-wide PoH coupled with Inner Focus). Borrowed Time wouldn't benefit Penance/Renew/etc., but neither could it be used for PW:S rolled. On the other hand, it would benefit those long casting time heals a lot more.

Archangel would work with Spirit Shell. It would also mean that a Discipline Priest who 'fell behind' wasn't completely screwed by converting all that stray shielding into heals.

Lastly, Spirit Shell would be less of an idiot button. You could use it to blanket a raid with PW:S, but you'd need to pick and choose who got the PW:S and who got to receive the brunt of the incoming AE.
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