WTT for Shore Crawler breed 4

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Shore Crawler breed 4, at level 1 green quality, can be identified by having stats: 151 health, 12 attack, 9 speed.

I can offer the Worgen's equivalent pet, Gilnean Raven breed 5 (pure speed) if someone's looking for that in order to expand their collection. Or I have a shore crawler of breed 3, if there's a collector out there who doesn't care about their breeds and just wants to help out by trading crab for crab.

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90 Tauren Druid
I have a P/P shore crawler of rare quality that I might be willing to trade. Looking through your current list, I'd want something on the order of a crimson or emerald whelpling for it. Let me know if you're interested.
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90 Human Paladin
I'd rather not offer my crimson whelpling. Thanks though.

Updated OP to reflect my raven's breed.
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Shore Crawler breed 4, at level 1 green quality, can be identified by having stats: 151 health, 12 attack, 9 speed

I have 1 of these - but what can you offer me to swap it???
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100 Gnome Mage
May I make a suggestion?

Shore Crawlers share their moveset with 5 other crabs, so they are not unique in any way. You can even find crabs with the same and better stats in the wild. Rather than set yourself up for attempted extortion to get a breed 4 Shore Crawler, spend a little time hunting. It's not hard, crabs being one of the commonest pets.

I put together some stats in case you're interested.

Type four crabs:
Emperor Crab - HP 1481, attack 358, speed 211

Spirebound Crab - HP 1481, attack 325, speed 244,

Shore Crawler - HP 1481, attack 325, speed 244

I loved my breed 4 Spirebound Crab until I managed to snare a rare breed 4 Emperor crab. I'm no PvPer so I can't speak for it there but against tamers, and as a backing pet when levelling, it's great.

So please don't part with a valuable pet just to get something which you can easily catch a better version of in the wild.
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