Issues with Blade Lord 10man

90 Dwarf Priest
Hey all healers my raid group is having a few issues with Blade Lord in 10man, we are having a hard time getting to phase 2. The RL thinks that there is some issues with the heals, figured I'd get your guys opinion on the healing standpoint.

Here is the log for last nights run.

If there is anything that could help as an improvement it would be nice to know.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Better stacking for Unseen Strike.

Tanks taunting better and not getting hit for 500k by Overwhelming Whatever.

People spreading correctly so tanks and melee don't get Wind Step.

People not getting hit multiple times by tornadoes while they have Wind Step.

Don't really see any problem with the healing other than that sometimes Wind Step people aren't topped off before the US stack and die. Saving a PW:S for right then should be enough.
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90 Pandaren Monk
The problems we had with that fight was tank dying to the frist Overwhelming Assault after each Unseen Strike. Mark the tanks and pop them with instant heals while repositioning, then worry about getting the raid topped off.

Also, the person with the bleed should not stack for Unseen Strike. Must not get multiples with that bleed!

Disc/Druid probably isn't a fantastic combo, not much for burst heals to get a tank topped off after Overwhelming Assault.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
01/09/2013 10:07 PMPosted by Redmonk
The problems we had with that fight was tank dying to the frist Overwhelming Assault after each Unseen Strike

Yeah, that's not a healing issue.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Like everyone else said. Everyone needs to stack for the unseen strike, as well no one should be spreading dots. Have all your ranged and healers(except MW Monks who can melee heal and not get the Debuff. I did noticed you arent running one) do a /range 8 this will show them the range and make sure no one is near them until the stacking point for unseen strike. Now positioning can be a problem. If you are tanking him on his platform you must be sure not to stack for unseen strike on the stairs. The best way to handle it(IMO) is just bring him to the middle or side of the room down the hall and when unseen strike is going out every stack on the tanks if they don't get there it is there own fault.

Phase 2 just make sure everyone is healed up before you have to run through the tornadoes to make sure people have a better chance of living as well go in a group. What might help your group as well in that phase is at 12% reapply all dots and take the slip-stream to the other end to avoid more tornadoes.

As far as your healing comp right. I honestly would pick up a Holy Pally or a MW. However in order to do that I would also suggest dropping one of your DKs and moving the druid to Boomer and that would allow for a Monk or a Pally healer. A lot of fights so far in MoP are not melee friendly the less melee the better. A plus with the pally is having Hand of Purity which reduces all DoT damage by 70% for 6seconds I believe it is. As well they can Hand of Protection a person with the debuff and remove it because it is a physical dot effect.

I just took a glance at your healing logs(the top 4)this is what was constent on every attempt. Your spirit shell and power infusion up time is really good. Now I no priest still have this ability I don't remember what it is called off the top of my head I think Inner Focus its a cool down that's 45sec and reduces mana cost and increases crit chance. As well only casting 14 PW:S in that attempt. Always have a shield on the tanks and the person with the debuff no matter what, saves a lot of extra damage from having to be healed through believe it or not.

The resto druids logs are pretty much pathetic(from the same 4). Absolutely 0 Lifebloom healing, did not see one tree form and Ironbark usage is poor. Lifeblooms can go on the target with the debuff rotate Ironbark on tanks or even a person with the debuff. OBVIOUSLY people are ending up dead so why is there no tree form. I'm sure there is a lot more that could be improved on his/her part but I am going to stop there.

The resto shammy I noticed was not in your guild so I really wont say anything on that except he basically looked like he had no idea what was going on at all it seemed from his activity and seems like he was in the middle of bum f'n Egypt(pardon my french).

To me it really seems like you are definitely caring the healers from the logs. Some of the problem is also raid awareness with stacking and the debuff spreading.

I would like to add that I do see some concerns with your DPS in the raid as well. A FROST Mage and a Destro Warlock?

If after all the picking through logs if you still want help I will be glad to help out just add my battle tag Snipehealz#1234 or if you want to call me a douche or something along those lines for causing and issue with your healing group.
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100 Tauren Druid
Yep, no healing issue what so ever here.

Proper spreading, and *ALL* must stack. Debuff or not. Disc priest has this darned thing called spirit shell that will pretty much own every unseen strike as they happen at the same time as SS CD.

If raid members are having issues properly spreading and viewing mechanics, I'd hate to see how P2 is handled.
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