Is healing the most stressful role?

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I am just curious because I've been playing my mistweaver monk (pve) and sometimes I'll find myself in real binds where I'm super low on mana and there's just not enough juice to heal the raid. The last time I played WoW was in wotlk, where mana was rarely an issue for healers. Tanking and dps seem to be in about the same spot as they were back then (incredibly easy), but healing is sort of in a unique position where its the only role that has any kind of stress.

I still enjoy healing raids, I just feel like its not as fun having to make the decision whether to heal or not heal, while dps rarely have to decide whether or not to dps, and tanks rarely have to decide not to tank. Sure there's some cooldown management for those roles but they're pretty much designed to go forever, while healers only get to have a short amount of fun.

What's wrong with tighter enrages and more interesting/unforgiving boss mechanics to allow for higher healing 'uptime', as opposed to the current situation where healers manapools are an artificial enrage timer? Like I love Tsulong because its the only fight where I can just blow out big healing and not have to care much about mana, like the olden days.

Not trying to be argumentative here, I've just been gone a while and want to hear other players' opinions on the current design vs. other options : )
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That's more of a problem with the class, Mistweavers can go dry really quick if they have poor spell selection.
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100 Pandaren Priest
I do think healing is more stressful, but not by a huge margin.

Tanks have a bit of a clench moment whenever their health drops low and they have to trust someone else to fix it. And they also have to worry about the whole raid's positioning and condition and factor that into cooldown usage. Tanking is *definitely* harder than it was in Wrath, most of those fights were a stationary taunt-swap and that's a rarity now.

Healers have long-term resource management, which is unique to the role. DPSers lining up a huge burst don't have to worry about being punished for it 6 minutes later. It also has a harder time with continuous movement. Everyone has to dodge stuff while still hitting their buttons but healers also have to select targets on the run (Bladelord P2), or quickly decide when to eat avoidable damage to save someone from death.
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Dps also isn't as easy as it seems. I mean, it's never been particularly difficult, but now, encounters are tuned more towards having good dps that can deal high damage and do raid mechanics well, because most raid mechanics will wipe you if you do them wrong instead of just being the healer's burden like in older raids. You definitely can't get away with slacking as a dps in this raid tier, enrage timers are fairly strict, depending on the boss, and many fights rely on the dps killing things fast (e.g. orb/pillar/add phases on Elegon, adds on Will of the Emperor, etc.).

I wouldn't say that dps is more stressful than healing, but I also wouldn't say that it's incredibly easy.
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We had a thread like this before, and depending on the fight, different roles feel more stress. I got it so easy on a lot of fights, then I get something like Baleroc in FL before nerfs or Heroic Domo before nerfs when it was a total stressfest. Other times I'm totally happy I'm not the tank who has a ton to do, or dps that have to click stupid things or do a vehicle or something. Varies big time.
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For new players, healers probably are the most stressful.

For veteran players though, I actually think dps is the most stressful. I know that might seem odd to some, but nOw days you need to really bring your A-game to dps. It's all about damage meters and competing against good players can be stressful. No one wants to be on the bottom and you've got to work your !@#$ off to compete (unless you're an afflic lock and you can face roll + ark make a sammich and still be top dps). If you're not in the top tier, or mess up on interrupts/standing in crap, you get sat or removed from raids.

So maybe I've just been healing so long it's not a big deal, but being a top dps is way more stressful to me.
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90 Troll Monk
After healing through vanilla, bc and wotlk, I ended up dpsing most of cata. I found dps to be far more stressful than healing. Back to healing now and the stress is gone.
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90 Orc Shaman
Agreed I don't find it stressing at all.

The one thing that is so disheartening though (which comes from experience) during healing is when there is a person / tank who is about to die and you are in mid-cast of your fast heal but you know in your head that person will die due to the boss having a faster swing timer etc.

Basically I guess what I am saying is the only part I find annoying is when you can tell beforehand that the person is going to die and you can't really do much about it either because they screwed up (stood in something), or you or another healer messed up (didn't throw out a heal fast enough).

But I definitely don't find that stressful. Its just the one thing that I have noticed over and over when I heal. Its happens rarely but when it is happening, you just know that person is gonna fall over before your heal hits them.
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100 Tauren Druid
As I mentioned the last time this type of thread came around, the stress level varies greatly from fight to fight, and depending on how well your tanks/DPS are doing, which puts stress on them.

For example, on the fights I have actually done, the tanks probably have the most stress on Stone Guards, as they have to be on their toes regarding which dog to taunt and when. DPS has to pay attention to where they are standing, and keep an eye on their Jasper chain buddy, while keeping up their rotation. As a healer, if the others are doing their jobs, there isn't too much stress. It is never the healers' fault if the raid wipes, although a good healing team can prevent one. I spend more time calling out when to break chains or pop cobalt traps than I do stressing about healing. Heck, I spend more time dithering about whether I want to Symbiosis the hunter for trap-popping Deterrence or the shadow priest for "get the hell back here, chain buddy" Leap of Fatih. :D

On Feng, the tanks once again are forced into the most stressful role, as they must not only deal with the boss and tank swaps, but also the special abilities. The DPS have it easy on the first phase, need to pay attention to Wildfire Spark on the second, and absolutely must be aware of Arcane Velocity and Arcane Resonance. Once again, other than coordinating CDs for Draw Flame, and Arcane Velocity, the healing on that fight should be easy, and once again, wipes are not the healers' fault.

The third boss, Gara'jal, is the first one where healers have to be on top of things, and can honestly be faulted for a wipe. Oddly, it is my favorite of the fights we have on farm. Maybe I just enjoy the pressure to perform.

Spirit Kings is a snooze fest for pretty much all roles, as far as I can tell.

For Elegon, we haven't gotten past the point where it is all on the DPS shoulders (getting orbs and pillars down fast and coordinated), so I haven't hit the stressful healing phase. Yet.

Really, the only time I get stressed healing a raid is when someone is repeatedly doing something wrong. DPS who keeps dropping Wildfire Spark at our stack point, I am looking at YOU!

For 5-mans, I would guess that tanking is the most stressful role, given how many times stupid DPS makes them miserable.
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90 Gnome Priest
I think the case can be made that, for Challenge Modes, healing is the most stressful.

Every mistake ends up falling on you to compensate for and a lot of the strategies involved in getting gold times involve stressing the healer as much as possible. A lot of the fights, even when you're not doing anything cheesy are just...incredibly damage-heavy, and it's difficult to keep everyone up at the same time.

I mean, I'm not going to say it's easy on the others, but I am...augh. One of our DPS !@#$%ed about not getting heals once in Shado-Pan Monastery and I almost blew my ^-*! on him because I was so stressed out.
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There is a reason most people don't play a healer
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94 Goblin Warlock
01/15/2013 11:53 AMPosted by Minigame
What's wrong with tighter enrages and more interesting/unforgiving boss mechanics to allow for higher healing 'uptime', as opposed to the current situation where healers manapools are an artificial enrage timer?

We had that in Wrath. Stacked Replenishment means you didn't care about mana and the massive incoming damage meant you really couldn't ever stop healing. So you just mashed your most efficient heal or two for the entire duration of the fight.

It was derpy as !@#$.
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100 Worgen Priest
Healing can be definitely stressful, as I have personally experienced just how mean and cruel PuGs can be when you can't heal them like they want you to (do to them standing in the fires all fights in the dungs/raid, or my simply not having the spirit ilvls to keep up). When a wipe happens, its automatically the healer's fault if nothing else is overtly obvious.

That said, I would say tanks have it harder. They have to trust in being healed on time, having to initiate at a fast yet comfortable pace, and have to know the limits of everyone else, including their positioning, boss mechanics, etc.... Not that healers and dps aren't critical too, but tanks are the ones that everyone looks to when they don't know a fight, and are expected to lead even if they aren't leader material in real life.

Dps in MoP are also important now, since enrage timers MUST be met or its an automatic wipe and fires are ever more deadlier. Their lack of importance to the other roles also means that they can't be expected to be rez'ed mid-fight, which can be frustrating if it isn't your fault you died. That said, they can definitely still be mindless. Its amazing just how many still stand in fires expecting to live afterward, or pull ten mobs without a full wipe. Its very frustrating to both the tank and healer when that happens.
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01/15/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Skootalloo
I think the case can be made that, for Challenge Modes, healing is the most stressful.

^ gotta deal with chain pulling, tighter mana management, and even more careful spell selection. trash mobs in every challenge modes are the worst. plus sha of violence from shado pan and the stormstout brewery gauntlet.

in raids, it really varies on the fight. some fights, healing is not stressful, but some are. it also depends on the people you raid with. if your raid is making mistakes and causing unnecessary crushes on garalon (for example), obviously, healers are gonna have added stress to their role cause they gotta deal with those back to back crushes and everyone getting low.
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It can be stressful, definitely. As has been mentioned, usually a screw-up falls on the healers to save the day. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can't. But it still always falls on us. :/
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90 Blood Elf Priest
It's hard to say, as I think poor play by any role causes stress for another. If your tank doesn't steal lightning on Feng, Healers have to pick it up. Dps that get hit by attunation? Healers have to pick it up. Anyone taking avoidable damage, or not using healthstonesor personal cooldowns? Healers have to pick it up. That's what makes healing stressful.

I think Tanks have it bad right now. There's a lot more to manage in terms of their mitigation, and a number of fights have special mechanics for them.

And well, for my raid group, I make DPS stressful. We have a hard time finding pug dps, and we are sometimes without a lust. So DPS have to really crank it out.
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90 Pandaren Priest
In my opinion the most stressful position would be a DPS trying to beat an enrage timer in a raid. More stressful than either the tank or healer in that setting.

On your average 5 man instance, tanking can be stressful when the party members do not understand what their roles are. Otherwise, once a tank has been through an instance enough, they are really not that stressful.

Healing is going to be different every time. You are never sure what is going to happen, how the tank is going to pull, or what the DPS is going to stand in. So in a 5 man I would say healing has the potential to be the most stressful.

For example have you ever hear a variation of, “Dude, get out of the fire, you are going to give our healer a heart attack”
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
i have never healed off the old model (started at the beginning of cata when my guild needed a healer). but i have always loved mana being a issue, makes you think/act smart. i have contemplated going tank or dps for raiding, but could never make the switch. plus imo its good for my ADD and short term memory problem, lol
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I'd say healing is the most stressful during progression and the most boring on farm bosses.
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100 Tauren Druid
Due to the nature of raid compositions, there's far less healers and tanks than dps. This means the spotlight shines brighter on you more easily if you're pugging, because it's easier to blame a healer than anything else.

However, if you're in a normal and good progression raidgroup, DPS is far and away the most stressful role, and it's not even remotely close.

DPS is the absolute number 1 factor in downing progression content. FACT. Serious raiders need serious dps players who always perform to as close to 100% max efficiency as humanly possible.
The biggest healing check thus far this tier for me was Elegon, and that's still nothing. That was 90% up to the dps to down the right amount of sparks consistantly, once that happened, it was easy.

We just heal. It's not that hard when it comes to stress. The only stress I EVER get is trying to do my healing job, while also dealing with mechanics of a given encounter. Otherwise, healing is dumb easy and non-stressful. It's not stressful at all. We have X number of buttons to press, each useful in X situation. It's cut and dry, also happens to be very forgiving (with the exception of rolling healer CD's during burst)
DPS however is not forgiving. At all. Ever. Made one small mistake? Missed one cast? Oops! You just hit enrage! And those logs are reallllly quick to point out that you failed as dps. Heals not so much.
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