Is healing the most stressful role?

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01/15/2013 12:03 PMPosted by Kungfuwaifu
That's more of a problem with the class, Mistweavers can go dry really quick if they have poor spell selection.

It's the same with any class. Bad spell selection is more accurately described as 'desperate' spell selection; they're meant to be used when things get messy. Mistweavers are actually do pretty well in pve healing.

to the OP: WoTLK was arguably the simplest expansion to heal in. I've been healing as a shaman since before BWL came out, and what it comes down to, is timing your cooldowns when massive damage goes out, and using low cost spells to keep people topped off until that happens.

Realize that there is damage you cannot outheal. If your group isn't doing an encounter properly, it will make healing much more difficult.

It all comes down to just continuing to heal, and figuring out which heals to use when. Don't waste your mana when people are at a safe amount of health. Most new healers feel an urge to use aoe heals whenever more than 2 people are hurt. Thing is, small heals work just as well, unless there's massive damage going out. Save those big heals and your mana for when you need them.

Priorities, basically.

Just do your best. no one can outheal an instant death, or multiple dps standing in fire. Well, at least with a lot of mana to spare.
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There is no inherent stress in any role, the stress comes from performing the mechanics of any given fight while performing your role. If you're doing your job, then no ones going to die: most of the time you can even recover if someone doesn't execute correctly. Other times, if one person doesn't perform their role, you wipe and pull again until everyone gets it.

I think the case can be made that, for Challenge Modes, healing is the most stressful.

All challenge modes amount to is spamming your fastest heal til you can drop combat and drink. It's only stressful because the only way that challenge modes could be made difficult is through making mobs do ridiculously high damage. That said, challenge modes are probably the closest you can get to wrath-style healing.
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01/15/2013 01:43 PMPosted by Ocyla
We had a thread like this before, and depending on the fight, different roles feel more stress. I got it so easy on a lot of fights, then I get something like Baleroc in FL before nerfs or Heroic Domo before nerfs when it was a total stressfest. Other times I'm totally happy I'm not the tank who has a ton to do, or dps that have to click stupid things or do a vehicle or something. Varies big time.

This is so so true. After playing both roles during Cata I can definitely say that the actual mechanics of a fight make up whether it's going to be stressful.

Tanking during T11 I can definitely say I really had to pay attention for interrupts, boss swapping, grabbing stuff if my tanking partner died while they got a brez, positioning for mass AoE damage etc. DS I simply hated as a tank simply because it was so absolutely boring to me. Sure I'll hang out here and maybe move slightly during a phase change...oh a spike on DW let me bubble that off...

Healing DS on the other hand was a breath of fresh air. I remember the first time on Spine on my Shamy and after our wipe I realized I couldn't heal this like a normal fight. Conservation, keeping my shield up, and not panicking were the name of the game. Ultra was fun as a healer, especially with high DPS since it was a spam fest (though I did start to get twitchy if I was with a tank who for some reason couldn't hit the button. Keep telling them it kills them on normal and they somehow push the button less /facepalm).

Those are just some examples but it really does vary from encounter to encounter. Even now, some things I breeze through healing in 5 mans I have more problems controlling as a tank and vs. versa (I've been pretty much MIA since the start of MoP so just now getting it back into it).

TL;DR - Tanking Healing and yes, also DPS, all have easy fights and hard fights.
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Having never healed (and never intending to try) I think healing must be the most stressful role.

As a tank I have a ton of control in a given fight and can make everything go smoother just by positioning and interrupting.

DPS have to be pretty bad to draw any attention (pets taunting, wrong stance/presence/RF).

The healers have to worry about 4 potential derps, their own positioning and healing while having little control over the actual encounter and then having crappy pugs blame them. I'd imagine that a great healer has to reach a zen-like consciousness to put up with all the bad they see in pugs.
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