I like healing.

100 Tauren Druid
Hi fellow healers. Thanks for being out there, as a resource and a group with similar interests.

In my early years of playing this here game, I never thought I'd have a healer. At first I was enthralled with the joys of being a Rogue. I had floating combat text going up, and I loved seeing those crits fly above the heads of bad guys in Karazhan. Then Warrior tanking caught my eye. From the upper balconies of Kara through the dark halls of Ulduar and into the caves of BWD, and everywhere that a piece of meat needed to be smacked around, I was there.

But all along, I'd been slowly leveling up a druid. I liked changing into a cat, a bear, a bird, a tree. When, on post-bar Saturday nights someone announced a guild alt fun run of Naxx, I'd cast some heals while pretending I knew what to do.

When Cata was coming out, I got to thinking. I wondered if I really wanted to spend another two years as the piece of meat who was there to make sure the boss was standing in the right spot at the right time. And I answered no. So for the first time, I was going to be healing fights that my guild didn't have down to a science. I wouldn't be healing tanks that outgeared the place by a mile.

And I like it. Thank you, fellow healers, for paving the way. For making sure that Blizzard kept healers in this game as a definite role. For making sure that I still throw my hands up in the air like a party boy every time I cast a spell. Here's to many more years as the menders of wounds.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Welcome to the light side :)

(Or I guess in your case, the leafy side.)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I love Trees. Trees make me feel safe to bubble things. Trees with HoTs that float around the raid and save me when I forget to look at my health bar (>.>).

Welcome Mister Tree! And remember - Tauren Druid is Best Druid. ^_^
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