Possible Guild Xfer with some Server question

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Our Guild <Challenge Eccepted> is seeking to move servers, from Darkspear US. A Massive, mostly PvP server, now with Login Queues. We've found it impossible to progress on a PvP server of this size, and are looking for something much smaller.

We made a list of possible servers to go to, ones with a decent population, and progression somewhere near ours.

On this list was Kul'Tiras, and we don't know anything about this server.

So, what can you guys tell me about this server?

Few things I wish to know.
-Hows the On and Off server recruiting?
-Whats stopping current guilds form getting out of HoF and into Terrace?
-Is the trade chat filled with spam and trolls?
-How are the "Bigger" or "More Progressed Guilds" towards the smaller guilds.
-How good are most Random Pugs? For those nights where you can't fill a spot.
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First of all, I am King of Kul Tiras Horde, so I don't know much about Alliance as I have never really played it here.

How's the on and off server recruiting? Pretty bad. On the rare chance you find someone on server they end up quitting or not being that great.

What's stopping current guilds from getting out of HoF and into Terrace? Honestly, don't know...probably just trouble with keeping a good roster since most good players aren't really going anywhere different than where they are.

Is the trade chat filled with spam and trolls? Horde, there are nothing but wannabe trolls, the great trolls of old have moved on. Not sure about Alliance.

How are the "bigger" or "more progressed guilds" toward the smaller guilds? There aren't many "big" guilds here that raid. I would say there are two good guilds on Horde, and one or two on Alliance. Those of which keep to themselves and don't care for the others.

How good are random pugs? There are no such things on Horde, not sure about Alliance. I'm guessing pretty bad though.

I'd save your money or look elsewhere.
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So I'm gonna be real with you. Kul Tiras is not an ideal server to move to if you want my honest opinion. There are a lot of great people here but as for a surplus of raiders capable of doing endgame content, there is none. I don't know how you define decent population, but Kul Tiras is pretty damn small, or at least alliance is. This server is like a fairly small town. After a little while you basically know anyone important and the rest are just kinda there, not contributing to the economy or raiding scene but just kinda doing dailies.

As far as your other questions go:

-Hows the On and Off server recruiting?

To my knowledge this does not exist. The extent of on server recruiting is you have to know someone looking for a guild or it wont work out for you and 9 out of 10 people you try out end up unable to pull their weight in a progression guild. Off server recruiting on the other hand to my knowledge is just "Oh hey friend in real life! Come to my server to play with me!"

-Whats stopping current guilds form getting out of HoF and into Terrace?

I can really only speak for my own guild, but I can assume others have the same issue, and that issue is losing 1 or more players. Patience doesn't have a "bench" of any kind so when we lost people we lost entire raid nights, but I can only assume for the other guilds it was due to the swapping of people halting progression to an extent.

-Is the trade chat filled with spam and trolls?

Spam? No, not really. Trolls, no more than average. I suppose less so actually since 1 in 4 trolls don't actually know how to troll.

-How are the "Bigger" or "More Progressed Guilds" towards the smaller guilds.

There is no such thing as a "Bigger" guild first off. All guilds are relatively small. As for the "More Progressed" guilds everyone mostly keeps to themselves. There might be some elitist attitudes inside the guilds, but you don't really see it in trade or anything.

-How good are most Random Pugs? For those nights where you can't fill a spot.

One word... Terrible. If you want to pug you need to have someone you know can handle it online. 99/100 trade pugs will kill your raid

In summary, If you're looking for a server with a good amount of skilled players ready for endgame and heroic progression, Kul Tiras isn't the place for you. If you're looking for a place with a good economy where you can sell cool transmog items or pets that you come across, or get essential mats for a reasonable price, Kul Tiras is not the place for you. If you know you have a solid core group that will allow you to raid every week without issue, and you want a quiet place where there isn't much competition for server firsts and the like, then you might do OK here.
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