Hardly see anyone even with CRZ

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I can't believe how dead this realm is the only reason why I started playing on it was because I had just bought wow+all the expansions because they were on sale so I'm a noob and shu'halo was the first server it put me on for "New Players" well 70 levels in now... and I feel really lonely, does it get better at 85? or is this Shu'halo all the time and I should just dish out the money for a server transfer to a highly populated server...

(Also the few pvp events I have encountered like Halaa are completely dead)
+ our auction house is buggered >_>
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87 Worgen Druid
Haha, thanks for the answers it's nice to get someone elses point of view... I was very tired when I wrote this post (I still am.. haven't gone to bed >_>) so sorry if I came across rude... As to answer your question I am currently in the Outlands just heading into the Shadowlands, I know I can go to Northrend now but I figured I mays well do this last zone for quest+exploration achievement and the extra gold always help

+ Seriously our auction makes me cry sometimes
+ I am only in the Christmas guild because they were already lvl 25 and I wanted in on the guild bonuses, I was planning on finding a new guild when I reach 80 one that actually chats, does dungeons, raids and the such.... even if Christmas has 400+ people it doesn't beat the fact that only 4 people are on at a time, the guild channel is dead, and its only grouped once.... (Sad Panda)

Edit: One other thing I thought the whole purpose of it being normal was for it to be PVE with the option of flagging for PVP, if people didn't want to do pvp quests like Halaa wouldn't they just go to a PVE only server?
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Once you find a new active guild it should get better, just endure the loneliness until you reach max lvl (:
I can't speak for the alliance side, but horde has had a huge influx of new players, so currently the server is anything but dead.
I've had to wait in a queue to log into Shu the past week or so.
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87 Worgen Druid
I've played a bit on one of the larger more experienced realms, and ya the starting areas are filled with Shu'halo new players because of CRZ. If you have a guild you can recommend thats currently taking on new people it would be appreciated :D

* (Would also need a name to whisper for invite)
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