Hi all! Sparkle Motion is hoping to recruit friendly players to join our guild and/or join our raiding efforts.

We completed all of the 10-man raids in Cata, and are looking to put together a good team to tackle MoP as well. We know that we're behind the bleeding edge when it comes to raiding, but this a great opportunity for those who have perhaps also fallen behind and want to experience what Pandaria raiding has to offer. Currently, we are in need of a healer and a dps (preferably ranged), but we welcome any player who wants to join our raiding effort and can make a valuable contribution. Currently we raid on Mondays from 8 to 11:30 on server time. Our raid itinerary may expand to include another night at some point in the future, but we will try to accommodate guild members' schedules.

If you are a friendly and positive team player looking to join a fun guild, please respond right here on the forums, visit our guild web page at http://forgreatsparkle.enjin.com/recruitment, PM one of our officers (Ryrok, Vandrehle, or Yndra), or all of the above! Even if you aren't interested in raiding, you're still welcome to join the guild community.

For those who would like to raid but don't wish to leave their current guild (or perhaps simply dislike our tabard), you are certainly welcome to join us! In fact, we already have a few raid slots occupied by non-guild members. Please contact us using any of the methods listed above or by going to http://forgreatsparkle.enjin.com/contact.

See you in Azeroth!