Queue time of normal pandaria dungeon?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
I just attempted my first normal pandaria 5 men dungeon, and queue time was over 10 minutes, so I just dropped it. But that's probably because of the time, so I'll try it later tomorrow afternoon.

But usually, how long is the queue time of normal pandaria dungeon as a healer for level 85-89? If it's anything like up until 85, I'd be content, if not, I might have to force myself to quest.
And speaking of which, is dungeon grinding a viable way to level up as a healer? I guess it really comes down to the queue time.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
It depends on your battlegroup.
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91 Worgen Warrior
On my server...usually almost instant for Tank, ~10? mins for Healer..sometimes more if tanks are sleeping, 20-40 mins for DPS....it all depends on the BG, time of the day..and so on.

The amount of tanks in the queue is whats usually holding it back.
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100 Tauren Druid
I found that the queue times for normal dungeons for healers were a bit worse than the queue times for heroics. If you have a guildy leveling a tank, queue with them as theirs is still pretty much instant.
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90 Human Paladin
It varies wildly per time of day, battlegroup, etc. Because such a smaller percentage of the population is running LFD at lower levels, it isn't entirely unusual to actually see groups held up waiting for a DPS or something weird like that.

You think that's frustrating, queue DPS for normal modes. I've seen it take 50 minutes.
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90 Human Paladin
And no, I don't think dungeon grinding is a good way to go. Besides the fact that you don't get any rep from quests (You can get a ton of tiller, klaxxi and shado-pan rep by the time you hit 90, enough to unlock some VP/JP gear at least), there is this problem:

85-86 you get two dungeons.
87-89 you get two more.

Its boring. And the XP gain isn't that amazing. Even rotating the 5%/10%/15% exp bonus banners and a ton of rested exp, you're going to run those dungeons TO DEATH. Take this from someone who positively loathes leveling. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. But, not enough dungeons to keep it fun. Best thing to do is just queue for one daily for the daily Exp bonus, queue enough to make sure you hit all 4 for the quests, and just do one occasionally to break the monotony of questing.

IMO, if you can find a few people to run with, battleground wins break off pretty big chunks of a level and you pick up honor points fast. Not difficult to roll in to 90 with JP and honor capped. And as a healer, you're a huge asset in random groups, even if by yourself. I probably still wouldn't do them exclusively, but as another means to break up the monotony. Especially at level 89, the wins break off a pretty big chunk of exp.
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