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A lot of raids have been talking about bring a 3rd healer who has a dps off spec. Now the question I want to ask is how do someone dps off-spec and be geared and reforged to maximise there dps as well as heals?
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You do it the same way anyone else who has to maintain an offspec (like tanks) does it: two different gear sets. (Actually, a character with healing and caster DPS specs can get away with about one and a half gear sets.)

But in general, what raids actually want (although they might not know it) is a DPS with a healing offspec. That is, they want someone who gears their DPS spec first and buys DPS tier, because:

- It's impossible to maintain both healing and DPS gear at the same level as the rest of the raid. Even if you got mainspec priority on raid drops for both specs, you have the same number of VP and the same number of LFR lockouts as a one-role character.

- 2-heal fights have become much more common than 3-heal fights, especially in heroic modes.

- DPS gear is more important than healing gear, especially on progression, especially in heroic modes, and especially for the third healer.

As for the reforging, when players are sharing gear between their specs, when guilds are being serious, they'll let people reforge between progression fights. Gems are the only major problem, and most people just gem their main spec and deal with having not-quite-perfect stats in their offspec.

Farm content is usually doable without optimal reforging/gemming, so that cuts the cost some.
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The only thing I could add to Kaels' comments is that you should keep your Elder Coins strictly for off-spec rolls. In other words, don't use them on the Sha of Anger, unless you are in the group in your off-spec. If you are in your main spec in LFR, do use them on bosses that drop tier tokens, as you can cash them in for items for either spec. Often, the hardest pieces to get for off-spec are trinkets, as most raid level trinkets are definitely tied to spec.
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