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Hi all,

Returning player here. I used to have an addon for my priest that tracked charges left on prayer of mending and what player had it, however I cant remember the name of the addon. I have since come back to try out monk and was wondering if there is an addon for tracking chi wave and who has renewing mist. Any help would be appreciated.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
For tracking Chi Wave: Grid2 and I believe Vuhdo (possibly also Grid) have the ability to 'trace' incoming AoE heals, popping up an icon on the people healed for a short time after the heal. That would give you after-the-fact feedback, although I'm not sure how useful that is for Chi Wave (I like it for Holy Radiance and Prayer of Healing because those are spells I often cast several times in a row before people hav a chance to move.)

Grid2 and Vuhdo also have the ability to offer AoE advice, which might work for Chi Wave, but I don't know if they have the ability to factor in the location of enemy targets.

For Renewing Mist, any healing-oriented raid frame should be able to track that quite neatly. I don't think you'd want a list-style display like PoM tracking addons, since it would be a list of 5-15 people.
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Vuhdoo! Ugh, thanks, for the love of me I couldnt recall that addons name either. Appreciate the tips. Hadnt considered the multiple amount of targets mist would be up on. Thanks so much!!!
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