Help me increase my healing techniques

90 Pandaren Shaman
Before I get started here is the link to last night's raid logs:

Now, my background. I was in a top 100 25m raiding guild for the latter half of WotLK and until T12. I used to rank regularly and my skills thrusted me onto the healing officer of said guild. Once Firelands hit the shelves I took a break from WoW and played pretty casually for the rest of Cata. Now I am in a 10-man that is not far along at all progression-wise (only 2 heroics down, yet to kill Sha normal). I mean no offense to the players I currently raid with when I say this, but given the caliber of players I used to play alongside with and outperform I feel that I should be able to perform a lot better than I currently am.

I know 10m healing is a lot different than 25m healing, and given that I don't fully trust my knowledge enough on current shaman-state to handle my own problem, I am asking for knowledgeable assistance to try and tweak my play-style so that I can become a better healer overall for my guild. Please dissect my logs and help me find what I am lacking. Disregard last night's Stone guards kill also when you do so.

Also I have one question, when looking at top healing shaman's logs the top healing spell that is always used is 'unknown'. I am assuming that is "restorative mists" and WoL just doesnt record its name yet?

Thank you for any time you spend in order to help me out
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90 Troll Shaman
01/10/2013 03:35 AMPosted by Matheney
Also I have one question, when looking at top healing shaman's logs the top healing spell that is always used is 'unknown'

You need to go to that log and then go to healing by spell to see what exactly they are using. For some reason the mouseover comes up as unknown but when you look at specific logs it will show exact spell selection.
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